26-Year-Old Lady Enrolls In A Computer School, Gets A Boyfriend, This Happened...

Hi everyone,

I have a very serious family problem, my parents decided to take a female relative of ours from our home town to come live with us in Port Harcourt, due to the fact that she couldn't continue with her education and had to learn a skill.

This lady was enrolled in one of these computer centers to at least be a computer literate since non of my family members had the time to teach her and she wanted to learn.

Every morning she goes on an errand for my mom before moving along to learn in the computer center, not knowing she was dating and sleeping with a guy.

My mom never thought she would ever behave in such a stupid way, I mean coming to an unknown place for the first time and already dating a guy within a short period was something my mom never expected.

She got pregnant a month before Christmas, she told no one and waited till we all travelled back home to tell her mother. All of a sudden we started hearing rumors of how the girl we brought back home got pregnant and my mom was to blame for it.

This girls mother took out the all the blame on my mom and not her daughter, this woman said that my mother neglected her daughter to fall prey to men in the city but took care of me because am her own child, till today my mom and the ladies mother are not speaking to each other.

For Christs sake this lady is 26 years old and 4 years away from clocking 30, am younger than the lady and due to my introvert nature i tend to stay indoors and out of trouble not even because of my mom, if I wanted to become wild i would have, a long time ago.

So pls is my mom truly at fault here?

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