7 Mistakes Bloggers Make That Ruin Their Blogs

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    There are times when we make mistakes and we don't even know,we all make misakes and we are bound to be corrected.

    These are the mistakes new bloggers make that defame their blogs :

    1.Spamming :
    It is the act of flooding the internet with many copies of thesame message inorder to force it on people and increase topics count.If you are already doing this thinking you are safe or you are unknowingly doing it,it will really affect your s.e.o. Ranking negatively and backfire later in the future when applying for adsense. Please stop it!

    2.Copying and pasting : This is the act of transfering articles from other websites be it forum or blog to your own blog. You can't be a successful blogger without going through a lot of stress. A LAYy being can't be a blogger and it is only one palm that doesn't decieve. You can,t stay there and be copying other bloggers work and expect your blog to progress. Some New blogs even go to the extent of not giving credit to original writer,let's just don't mention names,It will also backfire when you want to start making money with your blog.

    3.Diverting to other Niches :
    This is a serious mistakes most newbies in blogging makes,flunctuating like Nepa does is not the best to get traffic to your blog,you post something today on technology and tommorow Tonto dike's news,it's wrong when it is not a general niche,google want to know exactly what you are operating on and when things related to your niche are being searched,your link pop up.

    4.Adding Excess image :
    When your blog is not on kid stuff,it is not advisable for you to add excess image,it is only kids that lie images,adding excess image increase your website's load time which scare users away,try reducing images per page

    5.Buying free domain Names or using subdomains :
    There are many free domain names like .TK .ML .CO.ZA e.t.c.
    Using them now,you may be happy because they are performing same functions like that of .com .org .ng,the day you will regret bro. Those dealer will just forward it to other websites that pay them.

    6.Not adding social media share buttons : New bloggers find it disgusting adding social media share buttons,they don't know the uses. Adding it gives you the opportunity to share with your followers on social media followers.

    7. BUYING Traffic : How will you be buying traffic those guys are selling bots for you!! If you buy traffic,will you buy comment . Stop that criminal act bro and sis!

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