APC Thugs Under Police Protection Unleash Violence On Residents Of Agbaji, Kwara(Vid)

SECURITY ALERT: APC Thugs, escorted by Police Officers, are currently attacking PDP Members in Agbaji, Kwara State, the location of the Senate President’s ancestral home.

The officers and thugs, who are under the payroll of Yahaya Seriki, and are being coordinated by Esinrogunjo, are going from home to home dragging out PDP supporters and harassing them with machetes and locally-made weapons.

As of 2:15pm, two people have been shot and more than 20 cars destroyed in the Agbaji compound alone.

The families that have been affected by this violent onslaught by the APC include the Île Ottan, Sholagberu, Wopa, Olayeri, and Onilemarun families.

Alfa Nda, Imam Aliagan's car was also destroyed.


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