CPAN Chess League Season 3 Comes To An End In Style (pictures)

Comprising of 12 teams contesting for ultimate glory in the season 3 of the CPAN chess league, Players and team managers all put together resources both manpower & finance to see their respective teams come tops. At the end of the contest Deciphers came through on top as Champions, following behind them is last season champion Facility control and coming in as third is Blue Ocean.
Each team comprise of 4 senior players, 1 female player and 1 under 16years old player, this is so as to make the games all encompassing.

Meet the teams ... Champions!!! DECIPHERS.

Second place team... FACILITY CONTROL

taking third place is... BLUE OCEAN

fourth placed team... OUTLIERS

fifth placed team... EVERGREEN

Sixth placed... TEAM SAXX

Seventh placed... JUNIOR TERMINATORS. mainly formed by players below 16 years of age

Eight position... CHESSZITS

ninth on the table... TEAM UNILAG


From the rare ...TEAM YABA TECH (TYT)

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