Desperate Bachelor Caught Stealing A Sex Doll From A Vending Machine. Photos

A lonely Chinese man was caught on surveillance camera stealing a £35 sex doll from a vending machine. The masked man, unidentified, was seen walking into a sex shop in Jinan city, east China's Shandong province, in the wee hours on Monday.

The owner of the shop has reported the case to the police, who have started an investigation, according to Pear Video.

The shop owner claimed that the man must have come prepared.

'He had a bag of equipment,' the shop owner told a reporter as the footage showed the suspect taking out a flat-head screwdriver to open the vending machine.

The footage showed how the suspect came through an unlocked door and took away one sex doll on the top shelf of the vending machine.

'The vending machine opens 24 hours, so the door is always open,' explained the owner.

He told the reporter that the stolen sex doll cost about 300 yuan (£35).