#EndSARS: This Evil Act Has Been Endured For Long, SARS Must Leave Us – Nigerians React


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The tragedy which struck on Olu Aboderin Street, Onipetesi area of Lagos State, on Sunday has stirred protests across social media, with Nigerians demanding the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) police unit.

SARS operatives from the Lagos State Police Command allegedly shot and killed a young man identified as Kolade Johnson.

Reports suggest that operatives stormed an eatery in the area to arrest a man, who was watching a live English Premiership League football match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

Sources said the victim who was a friend of the man to be arrested, challenged the operatives on why they would cart away his friend and one of the SARS operatives allegedly shot him dead.

Angry youths took to the streets in protest of the killing.

They blocked the two sides of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and set up bonfires, causing traffic gridlock in the process.

The protest did not, however, stop on the streets, as many Nigerians, groups, and organizations took to social media to protest and seek redress for the killing.

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Below are some of the reactions by various Nigerians, as drawn from Twitter.

This evil act has been endured for long… SARS must leave us all alone we don’t need them #EndSARS

— Prince james uduka (@surefandaytion) April 1, 2019

The energy with which #EndSARS is clamored for could as well be channeled towards reducing legislators’ pay cum cost of governance. This would ensure quality representation across board which in turn tackles our problems from the root.

— Bamidele Olaniran (@Balmydealz) April 1, 2019

The reoccurring issue of #PoliceBrutality is a clear indication of how untrained, unprofessional, and how uncontrollably violent the Nigerian police are to the people it should protect.#RedefineNigeria #EndSARS #EndPolicebrutality #EndSACS

— Jeff Okoroafor (@JeffOkoroafor) April 1, 2019

When you employ and recruit criminals and miscreants as law enforcement agents,i don’t expect less than what they are doing at the moment,policing in Nigeria is corrupt itself… #EndSARS

— ALEBIOSU OLUBANKE (@banky7000) April 1, 2019

I’m just here thinking of what Kolade Johnson’s wife would tell the little one killed his dad later in the future😓

We really need to bring our voice together to #ENDSARS #PoliceReforms

I might be the next Kolade Johnson💔

— Newbee😎 (@__darasimii) April 1, 2019

Life has no value in Africa, it is time to stand against this and to scream loud enough is enough to violate human right. #EndSARS

— Odejimi Oluwaferanmi (@ODEJIVERE) April 1, 2019

How can someone say that the mindless killing of Kolade Johnson by SARS operatives is a mistake? How many of such mistakes are we going to let slide down the drain without making this lawless police cartel to answer for their crimes? #EndSARS #EndPolicebrutality

— Michael Sprout 📌 (@sproutlin) April 1, 2019

Where I am from, you can be unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get killed by overzealous police officers. #ENDSARS #EndPoliceBrutality

— ⬛️ A B A S S ⬛️ (@Phemour) April 1, 2019

Stop tagging celebrities or police, let’s go and protest. The president and VP has an office , the Senate has a complex, our lives matter #EndSARS

— Mazi Dikachi (nwa aba)⭕ (@diksman007) April 1, 2019

We can’t continue like this as a Nation. Maiming of innocent people. This people should begin protecting us, not the other way round. Redeploy these guys to Zamfara, Kaduna, Borno, Benue, Adamawa and other states where you have terrorists, bandits, herdsmen & criminals #EndSARS

— Francis Gboko (@gboko_francis) April 1, 2019

What you don’t want, you don’t watch. If injustice has definition when you are a victim of its devastation, it is either you were once its beneficiary or a subscriber to the theory that question its existence.

We rise that injustice may fall!#EndSARS #PoliceReforms

— Oladeji Olalekan (@Princeola82) April 1, 2019

When it’s time to do illegal things in the name of ensuring justice you rush and do them, however when those in the same arm of government as you, agents under your supervision keep on causing havoc you and your supporters are no where to be found. No problem #Endsars #Endsars

— Chisimdi (@Simdee__) April 1, 2019

it’s crime to watch football.
It’s crime to ask SARS questions on why arrest.
It’s even crime to carry dreadlocks ….
But it’s not crime to rig election or make inec announce someone winner under duress….#Nigeriasucks, #SARSsucks
We demand #EndSars $ #Justice4Kola

— Izuchukwu Clement (IzuClems) (@Cizuclems) April 1, 2019

Every unjust death anywhere in the world diminishes humanity. The only way to secure your rights and peace is to fight for those who want to be free. #EndSARS

— Sir.Ariyo-Dare Atoye (@AriyoAristotle) April 1, 2019

But this dream is an illusion cos

I live in a country where our leaders are more interested in happenings abroad than home, yet, charity is said to begin at home.

Sympathises with tragedy abroad but shows no empathy for those at home#EndSARS

— Chimdi’s Dad (@chaigzy) April 1, 2019

These gruesome murder of innocent Nigerians has to stop. We are not animals. We are humans. Even animals don’t deserve to die anyhow. #EndSARS

— olanrewaju taiwo (@larry2208) April 1, 2019

The lives of every Nigerian matters. It’s time to put an end to killing of innocent Nigerians. #EndSARS

— Balogun Micheal (@Mcbaloo) April 1, 2019

When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Why would a SARS official or police officer go through my phone? Is that their job? Are they not supposed to carry out investigations, build cases and arrest criminals with proof then wait for the courts to pass judgement? #Endsars

— #FixNaijaHealthcare🇳🇬🇬🇭 (@Uju01) April 1, 2019

You call murder , a case of excessive use of force.

Fellow Nigerians with non-pedigree surnames, or alliances with government, this is it, we are finished!!!

When they were shooting sporadically without cause , did they think that hey we’re shooting blanks ?#ENDSARS

— Stanley Onwuchekwa (@IamstanleyO) April 1, 2019

I pray it doesn’t get to the point where citizens see SARS officials and start attacking them.
These acts of violence is getting out of control.
We’re treated badly out there, and we’re still not safe in our fatherland. #EndSARS

— Name cannot be blank (@hackSultan) April 1, 2019

They let us hurt till we became blinded by rage. #EndPoliceBrutality

— Nonso Nwachinemelu (@navy_guns) April 1, 2019

The most painful part of this issues about the police force that has been going on is, this brutality is now becoming part of us such that we only complain and that’s the end of the case.
In foreign lands, proper investigation is done and they are dealt with. #EndPolicebrutality

— DON BABA DREY (@realDreyPR) April 1, 2019

We must all join our voices to ensure the ruthless killings and Harris Emy by FSARS, all over the country Nigeria comes to an end. In Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State the harassment on innocent citizens detest me that’s why I lend my voice in saying let’s #ENDSARS

— Sir Imoh Ukut (@AkwaImoh) April 1, 2019

Let take a moment today to remember Kolade Johnson , the young Nigerian who was brutally shot dead by men of the anti cult unit of SARS at Mangoro bus stop Pentecostal filling station.
Join your voice to call for the #ENDSARS #EndPolicebrutality

Takes a sec to Retweet pic.twitter.com/G6oNVzZRM3

— Odeyele Ayodeji. (@Haywhy_Jah) April 1, 2019