Facebook Messenger To Roll Out New Emojis That Include Female Characters And Different Skin Colors

Facebook Messenger is about to be a whole lot more diverse.

We can't go a full conversation without sending our friends an emoji or a few to better express or emphasize what we are saying. When chatting in Messenger, we will soon be able to see more options when it comes to the types of emojis we use.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will start rolling out its own emojis in Messenger that will include female characters and different skin colors.

Previously, users could only send and receive emojis in Messenger using the emoji keyboards or software already on their devices. Because these characters are not native in the app, Android users are not be able to see a specific emoji if it is just found on iOS. However, Facebook Messenger does allow users to send the thumbs up sign and various stickers in the app.

Now, Messenger will finally get its own emojis, and it is making sure the ones that represent women are not stereotypical. After all, women do more than just get their hair done, dance and sit behind a desk.

Providing users with more gender- and racially-diverse emojis, Facebook Messenger will include over 1,500 newly-designed emojis. These include gender-agnostic options and female characters depicting various roles.

"We're diversifying the genders to create a more balanced mix that's more representative of our world," Facebook writes in a blog post.
These include a woman cop, surfer, swimmer and runner. New female emojis are expected to keep rolling out.

Messenger will also feature multi-color emojis so that more races and ethnicities are better represented. Users will be able to choose the skin color they prefer, and can change it at any time.

Along with picking a skin tone, users can also choose a hair color. Messenger also has an emoji that represents redheads — a first in emoji history.

All users will be able to see the new emojis, regardless if they have iOS or Android.