Father Mbaka Denies Accusing Church & Politicians Of Trying To Kill Him (Video)


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Yesterday news of assassination attempt on Father Mbaka's life went viral.In the report,he was alleged to have said via Adoration Presidents that ecumenical and politicians(Peter Obi) are suspects.

Father Mbaka has come out to clear the air.Speaking yesterday,he warned people selling papers with his name to be careful.

According to him,he was shot but never mentioned ecumenical or politicians as suspects.

He distanced himself from the news that church/politicians are involved.

According to him,he was saved by God but Holy Spirit has not revealed the person involved to him.

Speaking further,he said he is a baby of the church and the church loves him.

Watch the video on the link above(he spoke about it from 20min of the video)

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2018/12/father-mbaka-denies-accusing-church-and.html

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