Five Fallacies About Being A Medical Student

Hello peeps! I hope we are all doing great at the moment. Once again happy 2019, blessings ahead. I bring to you another interesting article, this time it is the popular opinion that people have about being a medical student which are however not totally true. This is also applicable to other sister courses like dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, amongst others but I however decided to use "medical" which is what most people are familiar about.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, it defines fallacy as "a false or mistaken idea". As a fourth year medical student, I have soon realised that some of these facts opined about being a medical student aren't exactly true. So I'll be unveiling some of these false thoughts. Are you ready? Relax as you surf through...

FOR THE MOST BRILLIANT: Do you remember back then in secondary school. The most brilliant students are usually believed to be hot cakes for medical or engineering courses. However this post just focuses on medical students. It is believed that the youngsters that loves and performs well in the pure sciences amongst other subjects are automatically expected to be future doctors (doki Oloye, the funny way a doctor is being called).

However, being in a medical school does not require to be very or the most brilliant as it is used to be thought back in secondary school which most doctors now can ascertain this saying "if you're very brilliant, go and study engineering, mathematics or any other nerdy courses". Medicine requires discipline, dedication, and consistency (DDC) as well as being humble to lecturers. If any average student observes these, they'll be fine and would easily sail through the tides. One need not to be the best performing or the most brilliant student but requires working hard and smart.

This is to make the good performing students not to be over confident, and the struggling ones not to lose hope! Remember the saying, what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

LACK OTHER SKILLS: well, I'd say basically because of the name of this course or the accolades those studying it receives which kind of turned norm especially at this part of the world. Some people think that medical students have dexterity only in just reading, reading and continuous reading! Whoops! Well maybe in retrospect it can be true but now I can categorically tell that lots of medical students have created several niches for themselves apart from the course they are studying which they are known for within the school and to some extent outside as well

From various entrepreneurship skills and I'll site few examples from my institution, Lagos State College of Medicine (LASUCOM): Liasu-Thomas Habeebah into clothings "peach and prim wears", Agoro Fawziyyah into Zobo drink making and delicious bean (agoyin) "Al Fawzan ventures", Osusanmi Olugbemi (theOlugbemi on IG) and Babalola jesudara are fashionistas, Odukoya Tolani ( and myself a blogger, Shobowale Iyanu who gives fellow colleagues nice hair cut "Dr Sho's Dynamic cutz", Sanni Abdulmatin a programmer, Tijani Taiwo a distinguished Toastmaster along others which includes writers and master of ceremonies like myself, musicians and spoken words artiste, fashion designers, business moguls, photographers, graphics designers, and lots more.

So there is need for a different perspective about considering some assignments being done. There exists pool of qualified and upcoming skills amongst medical students alongside the training for their profession.

ARE ALL WELL TO DO: yeah! It is exactly what it means. Other students used and still opines that most if not all of medical students are financially pivoted. They have high standard of living, are on scholarships amongst others. No doubt, some may be provided with exquisite hostels among other basic facilities but however, those are not in itself a justification for their way of life.

Some struggle just like every other students sometimes doing some extra things to support themselves. No regular allowance from parents/relatives, some may not be on scholarship or have much support. Studying medicine is not a license for someone's guidian to be automatically rich, however some of the students may want to live up to the hype of the course and that is a personal choice.

ARE JUST BOOKWORMS: This is sort of similar to the former but in another dimension. No doubt every student studying this course knows what they are in for. Book, book and yet books but wait, they don't just read 24/7 a year except they want to crash out soon. They have fun and I must confess fun in medical school is like no other, kindly ask some of your friends studying the course. Students go to movie houses, visit fun filled centres, attends events that'll improve them in other aspects aside their profession, do sporting activities, visit beaches amongst other places of exhilarating experiences and when it comes to being bookworm that they are, you'll wonder who forced them into studying the course. Proper timing and planning are key to enjoying all this "doing the right thing at the right time". So stop getting this mixed feeling of thinking what we do only is read, read and continuous reading alone! You don't want to dare!

JUST TO HELP HUMANITY: just like every other courses, lecturers ask medical students "why do you study this course?" Well, some say honestly they are in for this course to help people but for many others, it is to make dough especially the men whom to help people is the a later reason. But severally, some of us have been disappointed with comments from lecturers such as "if you want to be a millionaire, this is not the right course for you" and things like that. Well, I think even if there may be right to an extent from their perspective, it really doesn't matter being a doctor and wanting to be millionaire or more with the various diversities the discipline can fit into today's world.

Of course even if helping humanity is important, helping oneself first is even more important (importanter) and the outside world do not see or know this. They believe, once you're a doctor, one is on top of the game which is not always so at least from few experiences.

Well I do hope this goes a mile about redirecting our thoughts about this sets of students'.
Thanks and do stay alert for the next post on FIVE THINGS...

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