General Discussion About our bonus

This thread is the father of all bonus created thread

here we are going to be discussing about upcoming and shortcomings of our overall bonus, how it work, how to redeemed prices, how to know your score..


I will respond to all direct question regarding to bonuses on this thread



What member get Point For


<div id="panel-5112-0-1-1" class="panel widget widget_black-studio-tinymce panel-last-child">
<h3 class="widget-title">What member get Point For</h3>
<div class="textwidget">
<li> You get point Site Visit</li>
<li>You get point Logging in</li>
<li>You get point Joining Group</li>
<li>You get point Registration</li>
<li>You get point Sending and Invite</li>
<li>You get point Creating a Topic</li>
<li>You get point Uploading Profile image</li>
<li>You get point Front Page Worthy Topic</li>
<li>You get point Social Media Share</li>
<li>You get point New Forum Topic</li>
<li>You get point Reply to Post</li>
<li>You get point Advertising</li>
<li>You get point Time Spent on Community</li>
<li>and more..</li>