Glo introduces Cheap data plans

The competition for best data rates between the four main telephone networks (glo, mtn, etisalat, airtel) is getting stiffer as glo just drastically reduced their monthly data plan prices.

To subscribe dial *777# then select 1 for data services, then 1 for buy data, then 2 for monthly plans.

Checkout the new plans
Nedurah said:
nice one...can you also provide us with the plans for other networks. I am interested in airtel especially
I don't know the USSD for etisalat data plans but I know they have 2k for 3.5GB.

MTN monthly plans (*131#)

AIRTEL monthly plans (*141#)

AIRTEL mega plans (*141#)
Nedurah said:
Which one is the best ooo?
Undoubtedly GLO, their network is bad though.

Then airtel, but they zap data like crazy.

Then mtn, plans are kind of expensive and they also zap data.

Etisalat is just the worst. Their plans are expensive and they still zap badly. The only good thing is the speed of light network.

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