I Don't Trust My Woman Anymore


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I'm sorry to disturb your beautiful weekend but I have a problem that I need advice.


I am finding it difficult to trust my woman. It is just difficult for me because she is fuelling this distrust in me. I will love to summarise my reasons so that you'll understand it in a glimpse but I couldn't.


There are four different scenarios that fuelled this distrust.


Last year, we were in different states. She told me about a guy who her family wants her to marry. She declined claiming she doesn't like him and wanted me. This same guy, she hung out with althrough the days we weren't together. They even went to a show together. When we were together, the guy will call her and they'll talk for minutes. She'll end the call with "I love you".

When we later travelled to the same state where we schooled, I was busy with my project and my final exams (3 different projects). So, I didn't have enough time to be with her. This guy came to visit my girlfriend, he even went to church with her. She didn't tell me the guy came but the information leaked from her lips without her knowing but I wasn't sure. Because of my busy nature, we always had fights about it but I kept telling her that I was busy and after the whole thing, I will be free for her alone. The fight got to the extent that we broke up. It was now glaring to me that, the guy has been dating my girlfriend before we even broke up. I didn't want to disturb my education then, I concentrated and finished well. I love my woman, after the whole thing I decided to look for her again, we talked about the whole thing but she told me she's now dating the guy. Ok, I left them but we started talking again, before they broke up, we came back.


When we came back, another guy started showing his ugly head in the relationship, she said they dated some years back but she didn't like him anymore. Instead of her to dismiss the guy, they became friends again. The guy was calling her every time and they hung out. I couldn't do anything about it because by then we weren't in the same state anymore. They got close but she'll tell me that they're just friends. She's just a friend with a guy who introduced her to his family, who later proposed with a ring? When she declined, the guy punched her face. I was pissed at the outcome of the whole thing, I called the police to arrest him.


After the whole drama about the other guy, another guy showed his face. She told me she can't date the guy because of me and some other reasons. Few months ago, I decided to visit her. She told me she'll introduce me to the guy as her cousin because she doesn't want the guy to hurt me (he's a cultist). I wasn't comfortable but I played along due to much persuasion. Whenever the guy comes around, the guy will be calling her "baby" and holding her like his girlfriend, she will visit the guy at his place, they'll hangout for long but when I decide to hangout, she will start complaining. What tipped me off again was she accidentally opened a picture where they're on the bed together. I got pissed and decided that I'm leaving her. Infact, I nearly wanted to travel that day but it was due to the fact, it was night. She begged and begged that she only snapped with him but she didn't do anything. I decided that day I can't trust her again.


When she came to my place last month, two guys were always calling her. Those calls were always annoying. I noticed that the voice from the call was the same guy I saw on the bed. She denied again that its not him. She took time and later showed me the person who called (after changing the contact's name). Just this night, when I called, she acted distant and sounded rude. I asked her where she is, she told me she's in her room. After just some seconds, I heard a guy's voice in the background asking what she wants. She replied the guy. I didn't ask her anything. She immediately became nice and friendly on phone. Asking about me like she really wanted to know.


I know my post is long but this past events have really made my trust for run down to nothing.


Please, what should I do about this girl, she's really pissing me off but I love her.