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Hedging now available on ??5

Dear Traders!

You now have an opportunity to choose either a hedging or netting arrangement when opening an account for trading via MetaTrader 5 platform. MT5 accounts were originally created for exchange trading based on the netting system. This implies that a trader can only have one position opened on a given financial instrument at one time, and all subsequent operations on the asset will lead to a change of volume, closure, or reversal of the deal.

The new version of MetaTrader 5 now features the hedging system. It enables traders to open as many orders on a specified trading instrument as they like, including opposite positions. That way you can apply locking strategies, i.e. open an order in the opposite direction if you are already running a losing deal.

Both hedging and netting accounts have certain benefits. Before MetaQuotes Software Corp. added the hedging feature to MT5, traders who preferred hedging could only use the MT4 platform. From now on, hedging has been made available to MetaTrader 5 users as well.

If you are a holder of an MT5 account and would like to switch to hedging, please contact our client support team for assistance.
Bank of Russia provides InstaForex with new information on Russian license

Following Russia's Forex legislation introduced in January 2016, InstaForex submitted a set of documents required by the Bank of Russia to apply for a Forex dealer's license. The application has been considered by the Bank of Russia. Next week, InstaForex is awaiting a list of formal remarks and comments from the regulator. The company will fulfil all requirements and present the amended package of documents to obtain the license.
Thanks to a Forex dealer's license from the Bank of Russia, every client will be able to choose to be served under the Russian jurisdiction.
New winners of regular InstaForex contests defined

Another series of InstaForex contests has come to an end. Today, we are ready to announce winners of the One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, Real Scalping, and FX-1 Rally contests, as well as the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign. Our company warmly congratulates the victors and wishes the rest contestants to win the upcoming competitions.

One Million Option

One Million Option is one of the most popular InstaForex contests. Every step gathers hundreds of participants who vie with each other for the best options trader title. The best result was shown by Oleg Visochanskiy. The next contest will start pretty soon, August 1, 2016 (GMT+3) and will run till August 5, 2016 (GMT+3).

InstaForex Sniper

The InstaForex Sniper contest tests skills of the most accurate and fastest traders. This time Yuriy Truntsov turned out to be the winner of the recent step. The next stage of the InstaForex Sniper contest will be carried out from August 1, 2016 (GMT+3) to August 5, 2016 (GMT+3).

Lucky Trader

Confidence, prudence, and concentration on success are the key to an excellent result in the Lucky Trader two-week marathon. If you manage to trade perfectly for two weeks, just like Vladimir Ikonnikov did it, you will also have a chance to become the victor. The next stage will start on August 8, 2016 (GMT+3) and end on August 19, 2016 (GMT+3).

FX-1 Rally

Stanislav Mashkovskiy showed the best result in the FX-1 Rally InstaForex contest. He showed outstanding trading and racing skills. We congratulate the victor and wish him more triumphs. If you want to try your hand at this breathtaking contest and are ready to feel its thrill, welcome to the start of FX-1 Rally! Hurry up to register in the next competition that will kick off at 00:00, August 5, 2016 (GMT+3) and will finish at 23:59, August 5, 2016 (GMT+3).

Trade Wise, Win Device

Pavel Kuznetsov became the victor of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign and the owner of a new Galaxy Tab. The upcoming step of the campaign will show whether you are lucky enough to win a branded gadget too. The new stage will take place from August 1, 2015 (GMT+3) to August 12, 2016 (GMT+3). You can register for the campaign on its web page right now.

Real Scalping

Short-term trading is a rather difficult, painstaking type of trading requiring a lot of attention. Not everyone is focused enough and able to make correct decisions quickly. But these particular qualities give you the edge over other scalpers. Saiful Amri was the one with all these skills and became the winner of the Real Scalping InstaForex contest. The company congratulates Saiful Amri and invites those who failed to try again. Everyone can challenge their skills in another contest step that will take place from August 1, 2016 (GMT+3) to August 26, 2016 (GMT+3).
InstaForex Olympic Bonus

In the context of the Olympic Games in Rio, we are launching a new campaign, the Olympic Bonus. Referring to the campaign's rules, holders of live trading accounts can apply for the Olympic Bonus which equals 15% of a deposit. The campaign is in effect as long as the Summer Olympic Games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro from August 5 to 21, 2016.

The weighty argument for the Olympic Bonus is that a client can receive it as a supplement to 30% Bonus. In other words, a trader receives a nice amount of 45% instead of 30% on a trading account.

The Olympic Bonus is provided only once for the accounts which passed at least the first level of verification. The bonus is not cancelled after the Olympic Games are over. So the bonus money still remains in a client's account.

Owners of all types of accounts are invited to take part in the campaign, though the bonus is not available to MT5 accounts.

Hurry up to receive the bonus as the campaign term coincides with the 2016 Summer Olympic Games!

Find inspiration from the Olympic Games and boost your profit with InstaForex bonus!

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Million over night before Brexit

Most stories of making a killing in the currency market are about the same old stuff: hard work, attention, analysis, calculations, and above all, time. But there is an exception to every rule. This time, we will tell you a story of striking gold that actually is not that unique. Many traders around the globe managed to rake it in on the outcome of Britain's referendum on the country's membership in the European Union. Our protagonist, Aleksandr, is a holder of InstaForex account No 2204114 who earned one million rubles in a single night. Such a success was linked neither to long waiting nor to detailed analysis of a forex guru. It was about trading the right pair at the right time. Aleksandr is not a professional financier or analyst. “I am neither a professional trader nor financial analyst. I started trading on Forex in 2012. I studied mainly by myself: read a lot of materials, explored the market. I trade only EUR/USD and GBP/USD. I have not succeeded much, but gained something that is more valuable than money – experience. The point of my activity in this sphere is the result, not money," our humble hero tells us.

He is not the first InstaForex client to strike it rich during Britain's referendum. However, it is difficult to ignore the story of gaining a million overnight. “I won't hide how happy I was about my trading results for June 24, 2016. On the back of Brexit, I managed to increase my funds by million rubles overnight. It's a great feeling to wake up and find out you're a millionaire. I wish everyone to reach such a goal at least," Aleksandr shared his impressions about his success.

To enjoy such a success, some trading experience and basic knowledge are required. Aleksandr advises beginners not to be lazy and study the market in detail instead, taking technical and fundamental analyses into account. He also recommends developing and testing own strategies and learning how to both enlarge and keep capital.

Victors of six InstaForex contests revealed

The results of six yet another InstaForex contests are summed up. This time we will name the winners of the following contests: One Million Option, InstaForex Sniper, Lucky Trader, FX-1 Rally, Real Scalping, and Trade Wise, Win Device. InstaForex congratulates the victors and wishes other contestants to find their names on the winning list next time. Sooner or later, fortune will smile on you too!

One Million Option

One Million Option being one of the most favorite, beloved contests gathers multiple participants who fight hard for the title of the best option trader. By the results of the latest step, the most outstanding result was shown by Shehu Abdullahi. The next stage of the One Million Option contest will start on August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) and end on August 26, 2016 (GMT+3).

InstaForex Sniper

The most accurate and fastest traders take part in the InstaForex Sniper contest. Many contestants fiercely compete to get the main prize. Kadri Yassine proved to be the best in the recent step. The next competition will kick off on August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) and finish on August 26, 2016 (GMT+3). Test your accuracy in the InstaForex Sniper contest right now!

Trade Wise, Win Device

Dmitriy Yonass became the victor of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign and the owner of a new iPhone. The coming step of the Trade Wise, Win Device campaign will show whether you are lucky enough to win a branded gadget too. The new stage will take place from August 29, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 9, 2016 (GMT +3). You can register for the campaign on its web page right now.

FX-1 Rally

The best performance in the FX-1 Rally contest was demonstrated by Mikhail Evsikov, who managed to use all of his trading and racing skills efficiently. We congratulate the winner on the amazing victory and wish him luck in next competitions. If you want to feel the thrilling spirit of this fight, welcome to the start of another stage of the FX-1 Rally contest. You can register for the nearest rally that will take place from 00:00 August 26, 2016 (GMT+3) to 23:59 August 26, 2016 (GMT+3).

Lucky Trader

Trade perfectly for two weeks and you will secure a victory in the Lucky Trader contest just like Vladimir Ikonnikov did it. He showed a superb trading form and achieved the best results among hundreds of other participants. We sincerely congratulate the winner and wish him to keep his leading positions. The next step of the Lucky Trader contest will be held from August 22, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 2, 2016 (GMT+3).

Real Scalping

Short-term trading is quite a complicated type of trading that requires a lot of concentration. Not everyone is attentive and focused enough to make quick and correct decisions to succeed in it. This time, Vladimir Trafimov showed all these skills and took the first place in the recent step of the Real Scalping contest. InstaForex congratulates the victor and invites everyone who failed to try once again and participate in the coming step. All willing to test their trading abilities can register for the next stage that will run from September 5, 2016 (GMT+3) to September 30, 2016 (GMT+3).

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Photos and comments of the finalists
Nintendo shares now available for trading

Dear Traders,

We are carefully monitoring trends in the forex market. If a situation requires, we expand the range of our services with new trading instruments.

So, we have something new to offer, Nintendo shares. Japanese videogame developer gained in popularity immediately after launching its first mobile-gaming hit in July 2016. Pokemon Go is already dominating the list of top free apps on the App Store around the world. As a result, Nintendo shares leapt twice in value just in a week.

Nintendo shares surged on hope that the popular smartphone game would give the company a serious boost. Investors view Nintendo shares as lucrative investment.

From now on, you are also provided with access to CFDs on Nintendo shares. In a trading platform, they are recognized by the #NTDOY ticker symbol.

Hurry up to benefit from the new trading instrument! Share the news among your fellow traders!

Feel free to contact our customer support service to resolve any question about investment in Nintendo shares.

Change in trading hours on 5th of September

InstaForex informs the clients that trading hours on 5th of September 2016 will be changed due to US national holiday – Labor Day.

Thus, trading on spot and futures instruments on precious metals and energetics will be closed at 20:00 terminal time.

Also the trading on stock CFDs, Futures Agro instruments, Futures Goods, #SPX, #INDU and #COMPQ indexes will not be available.

Trading session will continue operating in a regular mode on Tuesday, September 6.
ShowFx World expo and its Platinum Sponsor InstaForex welcome guests in Singapore

InstaForex, a platinum sponsor of the conference, gladly invites all the professional traders and forex newcomers to attend an upcoming ShowFx World financial event on September 17th in Singapore.

It is no wonder the host chose this city-state as a venue for such a high-profile forex event. Singapore is famous for a very high standard of living and breathtaking architecture. Its hard-working residents are an excellent example of how one should achieve success and wealth.

On September 17, large forex community will arrive at the stunning Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is situated in the heart of the city. On the rooftop of its 200-meter tower, there is world-famous infinity swimming pool overlooking the lively business center.

All guests at the conference will have a chance to learn secrets behind utmost profits in online trading. This year, the focal point of the program will be a seminar and presentation of Harsh Japee, a leading InstaForex analyst.

During the tight 8-hour program, we will ensure a pleasant break with a traditional prize draw. Any participant of the ShowFx World event will be able to win a bonus certificate or a flagman device by the renown high-end manufacturers.

Moreover, every visitor of InstaForex exposition stand will receive a branded souvenir. If a guest opens a trading account at the exposition site, a $50 bonus will be credited immediately to a deposit. Last but not least, if you invite a friend, you will be rewarded with extra $15 on your deposit (up to three friends).
Besides an opportunity to receive useful knowledge and participate in generous raffles, the conference is the place where all the partners and clients of InstaForex can meet with the company representatives. It is a great chance to connect in person and discuss plans and conditions for future cooperation.
Currency pair swaps to be changed

As a number of national banks have changed their interest rates, and as InstaForex prioritizes optimization of the trading terms, we inform our customers that new swaps are to be effective for some currency pairs since September 26, 2016.

You can find the list of the new swaps on our official site.

We would like to remind you that the swaps are changed regularly as we bring the trading terms in compliance with external market factors. Please adjust your trading strategies to these changes if necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
InstaForex at ShowFx World: results of latest conference in Singapore

Last Saturday, on September 17, InstaForex participated in an annual ShowFx World conference in Singapore. This year the company became a platinum sponsor of this major event in Asian online trading world. Hosted in luxurious Marina Bay Sands expo venue, the conference attracted hundreds of traders from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and even Europe.

The visitors had a chance to gain knowledge at the seminar of InstaForex leading analyst Harsh Japee and other professionals of trading. Besides that, the conference guests had a unique chance to meet InstaForex representatives, ask them important questions and discuss mutually beneficial partnership.

Moreover, every visitor of the InstaForex booth received memorable gifts from the company such as branded powerbanks, USB sticks with the broker's logo, and $50-95 bonuses. Forex enthusiasts could take part in prize draws and win brand-new Apple tablets as well as $500 and $1,000 certificates. Another pleasant surprise was a raffle of T-shirts of leading U.S. Citta di Palermo players as InstaForex is a sponsor of the Italian football club. One of the raffled T-shirts belonged to Alberto Gilardino, a part of the 2006 FIFA World Cup winning-squad.
ShowFx World is one of the brightest and most remarkable events in the world of Forex trading.

Promising trading instrument – USD/INR pair

In the early month, we added a new promising asset, the USD/INR currency pair, to the list of trading instruments. The pair is already featured in the platform and is available for trading.

The Indian rupee has overcome several serious challenges up to 2000. In 2000s, the rupee exchange rate stabilized. Nowadays, India takes the fourth place by GDP after the eurozone, the United States, and China. The Indian economic growth a year makes up 7.5% and the country holds the 15th place by it. India is one of the most successfully developing countries.

Expansion of trading and economic processes as well as India's participation in international capital flows will trigger faster growth in the rupee trading volume. The country's major economic sectors that attract billion dollars are electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, telecommunication, non-ferrous industry, trading, and non-financial services. Growth rates of India's high-tech industry could beat those of the United States in the near future. The country's key investors are Singapore, Mauritius, and the US.

The Indian rupee has been trading sideways at 57.335-54.175 levels of the AB wave of the high level. A break of one of the range limits will indicate formation of short wave C. A breach of the upper limit will lead to a monthly or higher level; and a breach of the lower limit, daily/daily2 level.

Deals on the Indian rupee are gaining in popularity on Forex, and the future of this currency looks rather promising.
Sub IB commission increased twofold!

Dear partners,

InstaForex is glad to announce a commission rise in the two-level Sub Introducing Broker program. The commission was raised by 100% to 0.2 pips of a client's trade of every sub-partner. This is one of the highest commissions in the market, according to a marketing research conducted by the company. Now partners can focus on referring both new clients and partners as commission from sub-partners' clients will bring in twice as many profits!
The administration of the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest announces the start of a new season – Miss Insta Asia 2017!

Every season, registration starts on October 1 and ends on September 1 of the next year. The contest's prize pool makes up USD 45,000. Maybe it will be you who will share this sum with other finalists. All you need is fill in a registration form on this page, upload your photos and videos, tell about yourself, and see your likes increasing!

As usual, your success depends on InstaForex traders and visitors of the contest official website, who will vote for the ladies they like. Besides, Instagram users can also appreciate Miss Insta Asia contestants.

You can read more about the contest and voting rules of the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest here.

We are looking forward to your profiles and wish you luck!
New contest – Beat the Legend

InstaForex is glad to announce the start of a unique contest – Beat the Legend. The contest is held in cooperation with the legendary Liverpool FC and the club's star of 20th and 21th centuries – Jason McAteer.
What's unique in this contest is its blend of trading and football. A special binary option will be the contest's trading instrument. This option will be based on InstaForex forecasts of the Liverpool FC results in the Premier League matches. If traders believe that Liverpool FC will play better than forecasted, they open a call option; and if worse, a put option. By the contest results, winners will get valuable prizes such as VIP tickets for the Liverpool FC games, merchandises with the Reds' logo, and trading bonuses from InstaForex.

Besides, Jason McAteer himself will participate in the contest! He will give his own analytics of every game.

The contest will kick off on October 20, 2016 and end in late May 2017. However, intermediate prizes will be given throughout the whole season. To take part in the contest and to find out its rules, go to this page!