Is There Anything As A ‘christian Girl’ In A Relationship?


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Is there anything as a ‘Christian Girl’ in a relationship?


I am motivated to educate some brothers who keep lamenting they got fooled by a ‘Christian Girl’ in a relationship. Please is there any such thing as a Christian girl in relationships?


In my opinion there’s only a good and bad girl irrespective of her religion or background.


Here are some different kinds of so-called ‘Christian girls that frustrate men in relationships:


The Virgin Club:

This club are found in most churches and very easily advertising they are virgins and are proud of it. Unfortunately most are already over 30 and not yet married. Hmmm! There’s nothing bad in remaining a virgin before marriage, but that’s not a sole quality to be a successful wife and mother. Many people married as virgins yet either divorced or had rocky marriages. A man will easily go for a non-virgin with brains and positive attitude to life than a virgin who has no ambitions. There’s more happening in a marriage than just s..ex.


The Prayer Warriors:

These ones are busy praying on everything but don’t recognize when the opportunity has come. They rent the air each night shouting for breakthrough in Marriage, yet they don’t even date, and scare men away with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude. I heard about such a lady who this year alone had more than 3 eligible men asking her out for dates, which she turned down saying she got revelations they’re not her husbands. Hmmm! I will advise such people to relocate to biblical Israel, where God’s voice could be heard in the wilderness. Nigeria may not be the best place for them.


The Pastors’ Maids:

This group must seek their pastors’ counsel before they even wash their underwear. Unfortunately most are merely seeking pastors’ attention to look like ‘good’ girls. Some Nigerian pastors as we know them are full of deceits and lead double lives. Some even keep these girls as mistresses and practically stop them from marrying with fake visions in order to keep enjoying them. It’s good to have a pastor pray along with you for wisdom, but relying on a pastor to make every decision simply means you are not fit and matured enough to marry yet.


The Creepy Saints:

This group are usually the pretty, elegant attention grabbers - Church girls in the day and ‘runs girls’ at night; also known as Facebook and Whatsapp pastors. Their FB wall is full of bible quotes yet take a look at their picture gallery- no difference in their dressing with that of a club-girl. Many Nigerians abroad have narrated how such girls fooled them into relationships but on visiting Nigeria they met a completely different personality. Some even replace their sim cards or block the men on Whatsapp to avoid any contact once they hear he’s in Nigeria. The tip is if u be-friend such a so-called Christian and she asks you for money or begs you to buy/ship things to her in before even seeing you, delete her right away. She belongs to this club.


My Advice To Guys

If you meet a lady, take time to know her, date her at least 6 months, build the friendship first, try and bond, open your eyes to every sign of deceit before flashing the ‘M’ (marriage) word. If the friendship isn’t working don’t even try to jump to Marriage. Marriage works best between best friends. Focus on looking for a good girl irrespective of her background and avoid those 'advert boards' designed to deceive, if you want peace of mind. smiley


All the Luck, guys!