Melissa Krott: Henry Onyekuru Fails To Pay Child Support - Baby Mama Accuses

A German lady has accused Super Eagles striker, Henry Onyekuru, of failing to make child support payments for their, Khaleesi.

German newspaper, Bild, reports that the Onyekuru is owing €11,000 in child support payments and has refused to pay up, even after a court ordered him to.

Melissa Krott, the child’s mother, was quoted as saying:

“I met him via Instagram. I thought he was great. At some point we wrote, met. When he found out that I was pregnant, he did not want the child.
Speech was no longer possible. He closed me off everywhere.â€￾ Onyekuru is said to have accepted the paternity, but still hasn’t paid up.

Krott added: “Right after the breakup, he already had a new girlfriend… with whom he also has a child, a little boy.â€￾
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