No religion can be imposed on Nigerians – Kumuyi

General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William F. Kumuyi, has declared that nobody can impose any religion on the country.He said the notion that some people want to Islamize Nigeria is a wrong one, stating, “I think it depends on the will of the people.â€￾
Kumuyi said this shortly after arrival in Calabar for a crusade.
He maintained: “You cannot impose a religion on a country without the will of the people. Worshipping God is a personal thing. If I chose my way, so it will be.
“If a country is said to be going through a process, if the people are asleep and they do not have any conviction, then it becomes easy for another person to impose what he feels he has on you. But the will of the people will not be easily overruled,â€￾ he said.
On current recession the country is facing, Kumuyi expressed confidence that the country will come out of the situation.
He said, “the information is now public and it is official. This is the worst recession situation in Nigeria in 29 years. It affects the church too, it is also affecting everyone.â€￾

“There are things we still do in spite of the economy. Money is just a servant to man and it is not supposed to be the master. There are things we keep doing even when the money is not here. I however, believe we will come out of this recession.
“I would not be able to pinpoint one particular place where we got it wrong. Different situations brought us to this climax. We must have got it wrong somewhere, but I cannot pin it to one.â€￾
Kumuyi said he was in Calabar for the crusade, to show the love of God to the people. He spoke on the killing of Christians in the north, “neither of the two dominant religions in Nigeria, Christianity and Islam, advocate the killing of neighbours.â€￾
The love of our neighbour is key here and the Islamic religion came in through Abraham, so basically, we are having the same great grand-grandparent.
Kumuyi advised: “We should rethink and understand that it would be good to allow people to live together in peace and allow them to have their free will to choose how to worship.â€￾ ... ans-kumuyi