PDP Lacks Respect For Younger Generation – Siasia

<strong>Moses Siasia, a governorship aspirant in Bayelsa state has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party does not have respect for the youths.</strong>


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<p class="wp-caption-text">Moses Siasia</p>
He said this in a personally signed statement where he narrated his experience and his years of supporting successive PDP governments, adding that he is done with the party, The Nation reports.

The statement read in parts: <em>“For many years now, I have been actively involved in supporting successive governments in my beloved country Nigeria.</em>

<em>“I have always believed that every citizen needs to support their government for such government to succeed which was why I supported the governments of late President Umaru Musa YarA’dua and that of Goodluck Jonathan.</em>


<em>“I had thought that by supporting these two governments, I would have fulfilled my patriotic duties as a citizen of my country. I have continuously done my best through my various contributions towards governance in Nigeria through my organization ‘Nigerian Young Professional Forum (NYPF)’.</em>

<em>“I joined the PDP when one of my overzealous cousins went to my ward to talk about registering me there. I later found the idea to be a very good one and was excited about the whole idea of party politics and making a difference.</em>

<em>“I continued to be actively involved in party politics since 2013 till date and the more I got involved in the politics of the party, the more discouraged I became,â€￾</em> he said.

Siasia disclosed that the more he tried to contribute his quota, the more he is being isolated by the party.

The gubernatorial aspirant noted that over years of careful observation of the PDP-led government, he can safely conclude that the party is not ready to change its old ways of godfatherism, imposition and gangsterism.


Siasia added: <em>“After the elections, it became very obvious and clear that Nigerians had rejected the PDP because they were tired of seeing the same old faces doing the same thing for 16 years.</em>

<em>“Faces that the people were convinced are corrupt and can’t bring the desired change to the people. The people wanted new faces and something new.â€￾</em>


Recall that the 35-year-old politician had on August, 22, declared his intention to rule the oil rich state. He said after 16-years of failed promises by the PDP, he will deliver the state from poverty and underdevelopment.