See Reactions To Video Of Yoruba Rulers Collecting Brown Envelopes Behind Tinubu

There is a video trending online where some Yoruba Traditional Rulers were seen on camera collecting brown envelopes at the background while Tinubu was being interviewed.

Nobody knows what is in the brown envelopes.

Online users are divided on what is inside the envelopes.

A Public Health Expert, Policy Analyst, and Social Advocate, May Ubeku, claims APC shared money to Yoruba traditional Rulers in Aso Rock.

Is she right? How did she know that it is money that is inside the envelopes and not documents since she wasn't there?

May Ubeku shared the video and wrote:

"APC Caught Sharing Money To Yoruba Traditional Rulers At Aso Rock

Tomorrow, they'll come & say Buhari is not corrupt..That Buhari has closed the vault..That Buhari isn't sharing money. That money isn't flying about this election bc Buhari is president, & Buhari mean well blab!!"

Gossipmillnaija also shared the controversial video and wrote:

"Traditional Ruler Olukarè Of Ikate Ondo State Caught Red Handed On Camera Collecting Brown Envelope In Aso Rock"

Watch the controversial here and see the reactions of some Nigerians to the video.

What do you think about the video and May Ubeku's allegations?


So if they want to share money to them they will do that on camera? Does it make sense?

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