The Dangers In Making & Answering Calls While "Charging


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Answering and making of phone calls while charging could be lethal to the handler under certain circumstances capable of instigating hazards.

Most people are guilty of this act virtually on daily basis not knowing the dangers involved in such act.

All you need to know

Generally, charging increases the temperature of the internal component of the device including the battery thereby raising the device susceptibility to explosion.

Smartphones usually emits radioactive materials that are nuclear to arousing turbulence when the situation warrants.

Furthermore during in coming or outgoing calls, the level of radioactivity progresses to an alarming state that can initiate explosion that could be disastrous.

It has been discovered that not using the manufacturer’s original wall charger and battery is a potential cause of explosion in most smartphones during calls while charging.

To be on the safer side, it will be advisable to detest from making and receiving calls while charging most especially when you are using third party wall charger and battery.

Also substandard mobile devices that were not manufactured in accordance with international safety standards are also a causative factor capable of triggering such hazards. This is because such devices emits higher amount of radiation due to improper radioactive shielding done on such devices.

Poorly structured batteries when heated to a specific temperature could trigger an explosion due to the inability of the battery to handle or absorb such intense situation.

When such explosion do occur, severe burns are usually the aftermaths. These outcomes are extreme enough to cause death if immediate help is not rendered to such victims. Such burns are as a result of the severe electrical shock that accompanies such situation abruptly arising from the inability of the entire device to coordinate the influx of the charged electrons.

Low battery situation is another avenue that is necessary for increased radioactive material emission which obviously is a potent factor for hazards of this kind. Such explosions are more likely to occur at the initially phase of the charging process when the percentage charge level is still minimal and insignificant.

In a bid to quickly pass across vital information during low battery situations, victims are usually anxious to make calls thereby predisposing them to such potential hazards that could be lethal, and this risk increases with devices on third party accessories such as battery and wall charger in conflict with original manufacturers’ standardization.

In order to minimize the rate of occurrences, modern smartphones now come with chargers having short cables in order to make it impossible or difficult for people to indulge in the act of making and receiving calls while charging. You will also notice that most smartphones touch functionality decreases in sensitivity during charging as an indication that it is inappropriate to use the smartphone under that condition.

Short circuiting is another mishap that could happen if you decide to disobey this warning. Smartphones are not structured to handle usage during charging conditions and as such are liable to malfunction if subjected to such condition repeatedly and vigorously.

The internal components of smartphones are well adapted to operate on battery power and if otherwise subjected to extraneous power source could be disastrous.

All manner of usage including making and receiving calls while charging is a timed bomb that could explode imminently if precautionary measures are not taken or obeyed; this therefore means that smartphones handlers should be extra careful not to indulge in this practice capable of endangering their lives.

Several manufacturers are now beginning to put precautionary measures in place to ensure users exposure to such dangers and risks are minimized to the lowest possible interference so that cases of smartphones exploding under such scenarios are place under perpetual check.

To ensure that the efforts of manufactures yield the desired result, users as well should avoid certain habits that could put them in danger. ... .html#more

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