The most touching photos of Nigeria. This collection makes you appreciate life

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    There are many people in the society going through tough times; the fact that you have the basic things of life should not make you forget the struggles of others.

    Irrespective of the religion you practice, you have to understand that this world is not your home. While we are being born into this world, we live, we laugh, we learn, we love and we die. Everything goes in a circle; we have to give back to the earth.

    Depending on how compassionate you are, the lines above will touch you and make view life in other ways. Some individuals live their lives like there is no tomorrow; some do things without fear as they believe they are above the law.

    Some people feel it is their right to have the basic things of life and have little or no sympathy for people who are in need. As blessed as you are, it is important for you to learn to reach out to the less privileged around you.

    There is the need to be thankful; even though your actions have a direct impact on your life, you need to know that you do not own your life. There will always be happy moments that will make you celebrate; however, we should always remember those who are in need.

    We will be showing you some touching photos of people in Nigeria. These photos will remind you of the need to be thankful as they will evoke some emotions within you. They will make you reach out to people the more.

    Find below some of these touching photos of Nigerians at different points in time:

    1. The cute little girl with artificial leg
    These touching photos will remind you of the need to be thankful

    It is heart-wrenching for a little girl to be seen like this. This is the stage where she is expected to play around and do the things her mates are doing.

    Her mother took the bold step to get her this artificial leg as a way of helping her live a normal life. The poor little girl will always have to tell her friends why her leg is different from theirs.

    2. The little girl in a bowl
    These touching photos will remind you of the need to be thankful

    This is another picture that will move you to tears. You do not want to think about what this little girl must be going through being pushed here and there. Think of what the parents and siblings will have gone through; they being identified with her is enough to break their hearts.

    3. The deaf and dumb couple

    These touching photos will remind you of the need to be thankful

    Life goes on as it never ends; those who have one disability or the other keep living in as much as they have breath.

    Imagine how these people would have felt on their wedding day when music was being played. Not being able to hear and talk could be frustrating but then, these people also have happy moments.

    4. The woman who wanted her son to die
    These touching photos will remind you of the need to be thankful

    Some people go through trials and pray for death when they feel overwhelmed by the series of problems they encounter.

    This woman’s son had autism at age two; she was frustrated and wished he could die so that her problems would end. He pulled through miraculously and she ended up sharing her story when he clocked eighteen.

    5. Conjoined twins
    These touching photos will remind you of the need to be thankful

    Some women cannot help having mixed emotions when they deliver their babies. A child’s birth normally should make people around happy but in cases where there is one problem or the other with the new born baby, their joy may be cut short.

    Giving birth to conjoined twins in Nigeria is bound to make a mother worry as there is no Ben Carson around to show them his gifted hands.

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