What makes a smartphone smart?

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    Is it the speed of the phone, the Operating System it runs, the size of the screen (5.5 inches), its camera and screen resolution, size of the in-built memory or an out of this world battery life? Or it’s simply the number of apps you can run simultaneously without it freezing or turning into a hand-held heater?

    If these makes a smartphone smart, then what would you call a phone that can transform into a projector or boom box, gives a battery life of up to 50hours and comes with a N20,000 Spar gift voucher on purchase?

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    The Moto-Z smartphone allows you do more with a variety of mods and a N20,000 spar voucher on purchase in all Spar Stores across Nigeria, so you can do more on your device and do a whole lot more personally with your shopping needs.

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