Special Report: Profiles of FRSC’s Speed Limiter vendors Revealed

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Special Report: Profiles of FRSC’s Speed Limiter vendors Revealed

Postby wikinaira » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:20 am


•Rwandans, Kenyans among them By Soni Daniel,

Northern Region Editor As the enforcement of speed limiter on commercial vehicles begins on October 1, 2016, barely two weeks from today, Saturday Vanguard takes a look at the profiles of the 16 companies selected by the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, to provide the services to Nigerians. On the FRSC website, these lucky 16 firms have already been designated as “Authorized Service Providers”.

That means they passed all the criteria set by the FRSC, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, and the National Automotive Development Council, NAC.

When the FRSC issued the “Expression of Interest notice’ one of the major requirements, was that the bidding firms must provide “Evidence showing that the firm is a legal entity (certificate of registration) with Corporate Affairs Commission and disclosure of company profile.

The firms were also asked to show “Evidence of providing at least three similar projects within the last three years. Findings by Saturday Vanguard on the 16 vendors selected by the commission(the number has probably increased by now) to provide the speed limiting devices to the Nigerian society, reveal the following: Of the 16 firms, the Corporate Affairs Commission could not locate and provide the Registration Numbers, RC, of two firms-Best Practice Limited and Elkaris Nigeria Ltd.

Similarly, the file of a third firm, Sattrack Services Ltd with RC No 692359, could not be found on the shelf of the CAC as at the date of the finding conducted on September 7, 2016.

A further breakdown of the firms shows that two of them are owned by foreigners.

These are: Highway Digital Nigeria Ltd jointly owned by a Kenyan and Ethiopian.

In the same vein, Marabash Global Trading Nigeria with RC No 936608 is owned by Rwandans.

Findings by Vanguard indicate that the Nigerians who owned the firm as at the time they were being pre-qualified for the provision of the speed limiters last year, sold them to the two Rwandans by a resolution filed with the CAC on February 3, 2016.

Here are the details of the companies as listed on the FRSC website: http://speedlimiter.frsc.gov.ng/ De Akasten Nigeria Limited, with RC No 842880 registered with 375,000 shares, indicated that its principal business is to: carry on business of construction and provide construction of every description. Transit Support Services Limited, with RC: 723067, with 100,000 share capital, was licensed primarily to: Carry on business of management of transit services, develop recreational parks and provide catering services.

Rexox Integrated Services Limited with RC: 700191 and 1m share capital was licensed to: carry on all or any of the business of providing security guards, human resources development and Information Communication Technology.

Digiquest Techno Limited incorporated in 2013 with RC No: 1147555 and 1 million shares, has as the provision of computer equipment, business centre and printer etc as its main line of business. Highway Digital Nigeria Limited, incorporated in 2015 with RC No 1259667 with a share capital of 10 million, is to design, establish, provide, maintain and perform ICT services for any person, etc.

But the 10 million shares are held by two Kenyans-Fahmy Salim Omar and Mbetsa Morris Nwero.

A third person listed as Abdullahi Abdullahi, of No. 90 Lamido Crescent, Kano, owns no share in the firm.

Filk Mou Limited with RC No: 420572 floated in 2001, has as its main business: to act as contractors for the supply, sales and installation of telecoms facilities and services.

CNET Technology Limited incorporated with a share capital of 1 million in 2011 was originally licensed by the CAC to provide the following: To carry on the business of sales, supply and installation of Speed Limiters, cars, belts, fire extinguishers and automotive security device.

This appears as the only company that had speed limiting component of business in mind as at the time of incorporation.

Tzone Communications Limited, with RC: 926038 in 2010 and with 1 million share capital, is to do the following: Carry on the business of telecommunication in all its ramifications.

Marabash Global Trading Company incorporated in 2011 with 1 million share capital, was meant to carry on the business of trading, marketing and distribution of general goods, etc.

But by a resolution of February 3, 2016, all the Nigerian directors relinquished their shares to the company and were re-allotted.

Peggy Matabaruka Nad Blue Star and Deine Kamanzi both from Kigali, Rwanda took over the shareholding of the company. Total Unique Services Limited floated in 2002 with RC No. 456368 is to carry on business of trading, marketing, sales and distribution of general goods, etc.

Summit Systems Limited with RC No. 340449 set up in 1998 with 100,000 shares but raised to 5 million in 2015 is for the provision of business of industrial nature, instruments, engineering and computer services, etc.

Richfield Technologies Limited, with RC No. 450344 with initial shares of 100,000 in 2002 but raiswed to 10 million in 2008, has as its main job: To distribute, supply, produce power via means of hydro, wind, coal and biomas etc.

Xnet Securities Technologies Limited set up with the CAC in 2003 with a share outlay of 5 million was licensed to do the following: To supply, install, operate, repair, maintain, import, export, distribute or otherwise deal in auto tracking and demobilisation of anti-theft devices etc.

The FRSC said while on a visit to Vanguard that companies and individuals are free to purchase the required speed limiters and approach the vendors for installation.

Source: Vanguard

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