10 Statements Guys Make When They Just Want To Get In Your Pants

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10 Statements Guys Make When They Just Want To Get In Your Pants

Postby synteche » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:39 am


As we all know that s*x starved guys are usually very promiscuous and below are the statements they normally use to woo ladies

1. “Money is not my Problem”

Since most Nigerian ladies are money mongers, s*x starved guys usually employ lies and exaggerations to deceive these ladies that they are well-to-do even though their source of livelihood is from the meager they make from a local saw mail. They are very quick to talk about money within ten minutes of meeting a lady just to increase their worth and value. You see them needlessly flashing their toilet keys just to give her the impression that money isn’t their problem

2. “I want you to be the Mother of my unborn Kids”

Not every guy that utters this statement really means it. Some only utter this statement just to ride on the gullibility of some ladies, and before you know it, they will jump at the offer and will widely spread their wide legs like the Atlantic ocean.

3. “I don’t miss Church service”

Many will agree with Tosyne2much that s*x starved guys normally present themselves as angels of light just to deceive christian sisters about their spiritually inclination. In fact, they might honour a lady’s invitation to her church for Adult Harvest or Singles Programmme and you will see them falsely speaking in tongues. With this, they can easily find their way into heart of any christian sister and corner her into her room

4. “I don’t date for s*x”

In this century, finding a guy that want s*x from this girlfriend is likened to finding a politician that doesn’t embezzle public fund. Nearly every s*x starved guy that claim he doesn’t need s*x at the end of the day they will frustrate the hell out of the lady for what they initially said they never wanted.

5. “I always feel like Kissing your Lips whenever you Talk”

Those who make this flirtatious statement when having a conversation with a lady are nothing but s*x starved guys. That is the best way to express their interest in having a taste of her body.

6. “I like Butts and Bosoms”

Whether you agree or not, when they get the privilege to engage a curvy lady into a conversation, they will begin to talk about their interest in ladies with elaborate bosoms and butts. It’s safer to walk into a lion’s den than walk into the run of such guys because they have little or no mercy

7. “I Will Die for You”

Most of these guys profess their love with heart-melting and mouth-shutting quotes that will sweep a lady off her feet. They cram the lyrics of RnB singers such as Banky W, Neyo and Lionel Richie and will pour it out to a lady. All their promises boils down to the fact that they only want to satisfy their starving joysticks.

8.”I will Kill myself If you don’t date Me”

Who kills himself for a lady? Just when a guy claims he’s ready to lay down his life for any lady, you don’t need Lalasticlala to tell you that such a dude has been starved of s*x for at least a decade.

9. “God said you’re my Wife”

I wouldn’t deny the fact that God often shows people their wives just that most guys normally lie about it and will snatch people girlfriends. I remember when I was having a rendezvous with my girlfriend sometime at a beer palour sometime last year and a guy took an excuse from me that he wanted to engage my girlfriend into a confidential discussion which I obliged. To my utmost surprise, he began to tell her how God showed to Him after 40 days of fasting and prayer that my girlfriend is his wife according to God’s leading. That’s how most of these guys carry out their operations

10. You speak fluently, do you eat okra soup?

As funny as it sounds, some guys flatter ladies telling them they speak like angels and that do they eat okra soup to have had good dictions and vocabulary.

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