See Lovely Pre-Wedding Photos of a Couple in Keke Napep

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See Lovely Pre-Wedding Photos of a Couple in Keke Napep

Postby hunter » Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:40 am

Marry Me Photography has directed a beautiful pre-wedding photo session of two awesome love birds set to get married this year.
The couple has driven home the message of their love using the cheapest available resources. They have succeeded in melting the hearts of Nigerians without the usual glamour of rocking exotic clothes, snapping at upscale locations and the rest associated with luxury.

A picture of love 'not costing a thing' has been painted vividly using a tricycle popularly regarded as Keke Napep in Lagos.
The identity of the couple remains unknown as well as the details of their wedding but their distinct photography concept has advertised them to the world.
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