Prominent Nigerians with Certificate Scandals

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Prominent Nigerians with Certificate Scandals

Postby synteche » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:50 am

Like sea creatures in ocean’s depth, prominent Nigerians have been grappling not to sink in the murky waters of certificate scandals, BAYO AKINLOYE writes
“I’ll never resign!” his gentle voice echoed through his expansive office, as his body shook like a man being led inevitably to the gallows as he addressed journalists in a press conference.

The grandeur of his office as the Speaker, House of Representatives, was unmistakable with his retinue of security details and aides.

There were five rooms adjoining and leading to his expansive official personal office: the security details, receptionists, private secretaries, aides, chief of staff and aid-de-camp.

As the Number Four citizen of Nigeria, he could wield enormous power and would do anything to remain in power – as he had already lied his way to become the fourth most powerful person in the most populous black nation on earth.

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