Scary! Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)

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Scary! Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)

Postby synteche » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:23 pm

The likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are believed to have added glamour to the game not just because of their knowledge and artistry of the game, many ladies have trembled for their looks.

On the contrary, there are some footballers who looks so scary in which many fans might be scared to move closer to.

1. Gervinho – Hebie China Fortune


Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)

Gervinho started his football career in his home country club which is ASEC Abidjan and Toumodi FC before leaving Ivory Coast for Belgium in 2004 where he had stint at Beveren.

The face of the Ivory Coast international has earned him his place as one of the ugly and scary footballer.

2. Luis Suarez – Barcelona

Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)
Luis Suarez
Suarez would ever be remembered for how he used to bite fellow players on the field as the Uruguay international has bitten no fewer than three footballers.

He has been banned on numerous occasions in Holland and England because of his biting manner.

3. Phil Jones – Manchester United
Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)
Phil Jones

In 2012 when Manchester City defeated Manchester United 2-1, Phil Jones’ names were on the mouth of every United fans after he was snapped pulling the most ridiculous of faces.

4. Pepe – Real Madrid

Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)

Since 2007 that the Portuguese international joined Real Madrid, he has enjoyed many success at the club. Pepe is one of the aggressive or no nonsense player who torments opponents the way he likes.

5. Luke Chadwick

Are these the 7 ugliest footballers? (photos)

This former Manchester United winger was rated as one of the ugliest players to have played in the Premier League history as his face looks scary to many fans.

Luke Chadwick has however hanged his boots and now works as a coach at the Cambridge United academy.

6. Frank Ribery – Bayern Munich

Frank Ribery

Ribery is no doubt one of the top world footballers as he has helped Bayern Munich to win the 2013 Champions League coupled with many Bundesliga titles.

The face of the French international looks so scary and ugly.

7. Martin Skrtel – Fenerbahce
Martin Skrtel is another player whose face looks so much scary in which many fans might not want to move closer to him considering his high frown face.

Martin Skrtel

The player has been caught at his former club Liverpool as an hard defender who would not even laugh after scoring

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