Which Of These Statements Will Make A Student Jump Up?

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Which Of These Statements Will Make A Student Jump Up?

Postby wikinaira » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:44 pm

1. The lecture will not hold again

2. The test will not hold again

3. There is holiday tomorrow

4. Next week is lecture free for revision

5.The lecturer promised to conduct the test again for those who missed it

6. You are suspended for just 2 weeks grin

7. Examinations have been postponed

8. Daddy will make the bank to alert you soon

9. Lecturer says you all performed well in his yet to be pasted result

10. The attendance will carry the minimum of 5 marks

11. That wicked lecturer is on sabatical leave and his course to be undertaken by another lecturer

12. Registration is extended of which u have not paid

You may state what will make u happy the most if not already listed.

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