Over 50 Graduate Vacancies here!

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Over 50 Graduate Vacancies here!

Postby UNIGIST » Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:12 am

Customer Service & Relationship Executives 29-Jul-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/custo ... ip_26.html

Graduate Mobile App Developers 5-Aug-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... rs-at.html

Temporary Contractor - Administrative Assistants 29-Jul-2016 Jigawa http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/tempo ... ative.html

Graduate Business Development Manager 10-Aug-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... nager.html

Graduate Customer Marketing Officers 1-Aug-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... rs-at.html

Graduate Assistant Lecturer Vacancies 15-Aug-2016 Abeokuta http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... ncies.html

Entry-Level Sales Executives 31-Jul-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/entry ... eanet.html

Graduate Higher Instructor Vacancies (10 Positions) 15-Aug-2016 Abeokuta http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... es-at.html

Graduate Volunteers (10 Positions) Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... -yara.html

Customer Service & Relationship Executives 29-Jul-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/custo ... nship.html

Restaurant Manager Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/resta ... riott.html

Sales Managers Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/sales ... ional.html

Mechanics 4-Aug-2016 Borno http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/mecha ... ieres.html

Nursing Team Supervisors Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/nursi ... ecins.html

Senior Sales Manager Not Specified http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/senio ... riott.html

Graduate Logistics Supervisors 4-Aug-2016 Borno http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... rs-at.html

Assistant Banquet Managers Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/assis ... riott.html

Chef de Cuisine Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/chef- ... riott.html

Graduate Nutrition Assistants Not Specified Various Locations http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... ction.html

Specialized Technician 4-Aug-2016 Borno http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/speci ... -sans.html

Sous Chefs Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/sous- ... ional.html

Auditor II 15-Aug-2016 Abeokuta http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/audit ... blola.html

Chief Steward Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/chief ... ional.html

Higher Executive Officers 15-Aug-2016 Abeokuta http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/highe ... shood.html

Chief Bakers Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/chief ... ional.html

Administrative Officer II 15-Aug-2016 Abeokuta http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/admin ... shood.html

In-Room Dining Managers Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/in-ro ... riott.html

Assistant Director of Housekeeping Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/assis ... ng-at.html

Receptionists 28-Jul-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/recep ... rview.html

Laundry Managers Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/laund ... riott.html

Graduate Nutrition Officers Not Specified Various Locations http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/05/gradu ... ction.html

Executive Pastry Chefs Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/execu ... riott.html

Graduate Vacancies (2 Positions) 29-Jul-2016 Various Locations http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... rance.html

Graduate Front Office Manager Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/front ... riott.html

ASP.NET (MVC) Software Developers Not Specified Abuja http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/aspne ... rs-at.html

Graduate Assistant Finance Controller Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... oller.html

Director of Marketing Communications & PR Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/direc ... ns-pr.html

Electrical/Electronic Technician 31-Jul-2016 Ibadan http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/elect ... -saro.html

Graduate Sales Development Representatives Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... pment.html

Graduate Human Resources Manager Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... er-at.html

Graduate Training Manager Not Specified Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... riott.html

Graduate Marketing/PR Officer 12-Aug-2016 Lagos http://www.unigist.com.ng/2016/07/gradu ... -reli.html

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Re: Over 50 Graduate Vacancies here!

Postby synteche » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:45 pm


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