Man Seeking Job As A Driver Crashes The Company's Car During His Job Interview

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Man Seeking Job As A Driver Crashes The Company's Car During His Job Interview

Postby synteche » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:35 am

A man has ended up incurring huge debts while trying his bit to secure a job as a driver.
The unnamed man had come for a job interview as a driver after being invited by a company he applied to. However when he came, a disaster occurred.

According to one Omo GbajaBiamila who shared the story on twitter via his handle, the applicant was asked to take out the company's car "for a spin" but he ended up crashing the vehicle.

Now, he is already owing the company some money despite not having started work yet.

Below is how GbajaBiamila told the story:

Source :: ... s.html?m=0


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