A composite review on Elijah and Elisha

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A composite review on Elijah and Elisha

Postby yemzzy02 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:50 pm

You don't need to be a brilliant Bible student before you come across writings or sermons on Elijah and Elisha. You really don't need to dig too deep. We are all aware that they are both prophets in the old testament in the Bible and Elijah was Elisha's mentor. It's also not new that Elisha carried double portion of Elijah's anointing.

Interestingly, there are few striking resemblance in their lives. There are certain events that happened in Elijah's life and were repeated in Elisha's life. Some may feel its mere coincidence but I think its more that.
1. They both smote the waters of the River Jordan to pass over dry ground. 2king 2:8 and 2king 2:14
2. They both raised only sons to life. 1king 17:17-24 and 2king 4:18-35
3. They both performed miracles for persons outside Israel. 1king 17:9-16 and 2king 5:1-15
4. They both increased a widow's food store. 1 king 17:10-16 and 2king 4:1-7
5. They both brought water of refreshment in drought. 1king 18:41-45 and 2 king 3:9-20
6. They both called down vengeance on unbelievers. 2king 1:9-12 and 2king 2:23-25
7. They both pronounced sentences upon kings. 1king 21:19-22 and 2king 8:7-10

In spite of these events, there are four (4) major differences between the prophets which include;
i. Elisha carried double portion of Elijah's anointing. This is the first major difference which means double of Elijah's strength/abilities.
ii. Elijah was more solitary in his ministry. He was always fighting the evils of his time that made him disappeared often into solitary places.
iii. Elijah was a fearful man unlike Elisha. Elisha never ran away from his enemy or lost courage in his lifetime.
v. Elijah had a known replacement unlike Elisha whose apprentice missed out.

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