Photos: Popular Port Harcourt Pastor, Apostle Ernest Agortey Marries Third Wife

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Photos: Popular Port Harcourt Pastor, Apostle Ernest Agortey Marries Third Wife

Postby hunter » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:33 am


According to this facebook user Tracynither Nicolas Popular Port Harcourt pastor and The founder of the church, Alabaster House Assembly in Rumuomoi, Apostle Ernest Agortey has just married for the 3rd time
Fellow Campers this Young, Vibrant, Owner of a church called Apostle Ernest Agortey is a man-of-God who doesn’t allow the Holy Scriptures tie him down. This man of God who is rumoured to really “miraculously” make things happen is actually of Ghanaian descent.


The founder of the church, Alabaster House Assembly in Rumuomoi, Port Harcourt, Apostle Ernest Agortey is a Hot Topic at the moment. This time not for his dress sense but for the brand new ‘THIRD’ wife he just acquired from Edo state as posted on his Facebook earlier this Month. Our source says, a while ago during an interview with City People magazine, the Apostle reportedly narrated the reason for his failed first marriage. The flamboyant Apostle who loves to make a statement with his Lifestyle, especially his dressing and cars, revealed in that interview that his first wife, the woman who reportedly started the hustle with him, was caught sleeping with his mentor.

This story which the Apostle gave to City People magazine has been debunked by those who are in the know, for they say, marriage should be for better for worse especially for a man-of-God, these group of people have also cited Prophet Hosea as an example, emphasizing the fact that Prophet Hosea’s wife was a harlot in the Bible but God insisted Hosea stay married to her.
After his first marriage failed, Apostle Agortey then married a second wife, who our source say, is of Igbo descent and they have a daughter together. Our source revealed they were all lovey-dovey on social media at a point before the marriage again packed up. According to our source, the second wife carted away with all the Apostle’s valuables without his knowledge when she was leaving him.
The Facebook loving Apostle couldn’t remain lonely, obviously, so he had to go all the way to Edo state to pick a third wife who has been constantly showing off on his Facebook.
This little birdie who has acted as our source has confided in us that light-skinned women seem to be the Apostle’s flavour.
We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping this marriage endures till the end.
Happy married life Apostle Ernest.

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