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Commotion As Man's Girlfriend And Side Chick Visit Him In The Hospital After Being Involved In A Car Crash...

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:18 am
by hunter
A man in hospital faced multiple problems after being involved in a car crash as his girlfriend and side chick both turned up to visit him in the clinic... Footage has emerged on social media which purports to show a very awkward confrontation in a hospital room.

The man in the bed is said to have been involved in a car accident, although no further details are known.

Beside him, in a black vest, is his supposed girlfriend who does not take kindly to her boyfriend's bit on the side arriving at the hospital.

As the clip starts, the two women are already arguing while stunned nurses and medical staff look on.

The side chick, wearing a white dress, is heard saying "I called and asked to come up here" while the girlfriend shouts "he was with me last night".
Someone in the room threatens to call security before another woman appears to try and diffuse the situation by pulling the side chick, identified as 'Kayla', out of the room.
While the row ensues, the boyfriend looks worse for wear in his hospital bed as a nurse exclaims his "heart rate is going up".

The clip was posted on Instagram by user 'timtboe' who captioned it: "When you the Goat & yo babies show up to the hospital to check on u all at once sumn bound to go down".


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