Investment Opportunity for residual income

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Investment Opportunity for residual income

Postby Sleekzino » Sat May 13, 2017 12:56 am

Food For Thought

Do you realized that the moment you wake up each day, you are spending money.
Think about it. The moment you get out of bed, brush your teeth and Oral B will be earning on you, Charge your phone, iron your clothes *PHCN* will be reading their meter, move from your home to city centres Taxis will be collecting their share, you check your WhatsApp, and other social media and telecommunication companies will be making money from you!
So before you get out of the house you have already paid all these companies something. You have already spent money. Let me not even talk about the rest of the day.
So if you are going to bed without making money, how are you footing all these bills

Do something about your life somebody. Start thinking about how to make money everyday. Start with a small targeted amount and grow as you go. It's better than going to bed without making even a kobo

I would recommend multiple streams of income (it is sucidal to be running on one income source) because if something doesn't come from one it will come from another and no matter how little if you have something coming in everyday it will make go a long way.

Let's Put our faith into action, take risks and start something!
SALARY alone can not solve the problem!

With Twinrise you stand the chance of making money every single day. a day might not seem like much but it's the little drops of water that makes an ocean.

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