4 Good Ways To Improve Your Brand Identity

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4 Good Ways To Improve Your Brand Identity

Postby wikinaira » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:40 am

Creating a brand identity is a good path to entrepreneurial success, this is because a truly recognized brand identity makes people confident about your organization. Your brand identity should showcase your unique value proposition and develop a competition advantage in the market, as well as reflect the voice of the brand. Below I'll show you a few ways new businesses that are looking up to improve their brand identity should not overlook.

1. Value Proposition

This is a basic step in your brand effort, unfortunately, this is often overlooked. Your value proposition should be your mission statement; your aims and objectives for branding. It helps to identify your branding strategies that fit your business, how to achieve it and what makes your brand different from those of your competitor.

2. What Is Message?

Whatever image that you initially project to your clients about your brand would most likely become a deep rooted perception from which a relationship between you and such a client will germinate from.
So, it is important that you give your client an idea of your competence and promise of integrity. In light of this, a message must be produced with the intention of passing it through the brand. For example, the brand LG, sends a message that "LIFE IS GOOD".

3. Market Identity

Your brand?s persona should be clearly established and easy to identify. This is because it goes beyond individual impression, it serves as a general opinion of what the brand is all about, it should be protected by all cost.
Once it is changed, there is a tendency of the change putting a dent on the image identity of the brand. Take Dettol for example, Dettol is known for antiseptics, Microsoft is known for computers and computer related packages. A deviation from their respective sphere of operation most times, leaves a scar on the face of such brands. You may want to know that upholding a brand's persona, does not remove the possibility of constructive rebranding or brand upgrading

4. Quality Web Design

Blogging plays a great role in improving a brand identity but your web design is just as important. People see your web design before they read your blog content. Some studies have shown that design elements are exponentially more powerful than the content.
In conclusion, it goes without any doubt that these strategies are fundamental and mandatory to improving one's brand image or identity and should not be neglected or overlooked.

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