Heartbreak As Woman Finds Out Both She And Her Daughter Were SWAPPED At Birth. Photos

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Heartbreak As Woman Finds Out Both She And Her Daughter Were SWAPPED At Birth. Photos

Postby hunter » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:53 am

A Russian woman who was already in shock that her daughter was swapped at birth 34 years ago, has found out that she, too, was handed to the wrong mother by the same maternity hospital 22 years earlier. Alisa Tsyrenova, 56, who was already stunned after meeting her real daughter for the first time, has now found out that her own real parents are not the loving couple who raised her.

Both discoveries were proven by DNA tests which she agreed to undertake so she could know the truth as she undergoes treatment for a life-threatening illness.

It was only last week that she discovered the daughter she brought up, named Yulia, was not her real child, but that local artist Dugarma is her blood daughter.
This week came the bombshell that another Soviet blunder at the same Kurumkan district maternity hospital meant her DNA did not match the woman she knew as her sister, Tsytsyg Putushkina, 53.

Researchers from Russian TV talk-show 'Let Them Speak' found out however that Alisa's DNA did match the 'sister' - called Tatiana - of a woman, named Butydma, born around the same time as her in January 1960.

Butydma Budakova, 56, was registered as being born on 17 December 1960, the day before Alisa.

Tragically Alisa will never know her real parents as they are now dead.

Alisa's blood daughter Dugarma, a well-known local artist in Buryatia, who is now getting to know her real mother for the first time, is also coming to terms with the double swap.

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