Why Exam malpractice law should be reviewed – EEMI

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Why Exam malpractice law should be reviewed – EEMI

Postby hunter » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:58 pm


An AGO, Exam Ethics Marshal International (EEMI), has underscored the need to amend the law on examination malpractice.
The Chairman of the organisation, Mr Ike Onyechere, told our correspondent that law signed since 1999 ought to be amended for adequate implementation.
He said that the existing law which was enacted under the military regime, had some draconian components that needed to be amended to make it implementable.
“Like all other laws that were products of the military regime, there were draconian clauses.
“Most of those other laws, the stakeholders have come together and have been able to secure some kind of amendments or even replacements.
“Even when you take the law as it is, that draconian aspect of 21 years in prison deals with students; but that’s not the only thing the law says.
“The law made provision for what you will do with principals, supervisors, invigilators, schools and so on that get involved in exam malpractice; there are no provisions which they can implement.

“Since 1999 up till now, that is almost 17 years; if we are serious, if the exam bodies are really serious, if they are patriotic, if they were committed, they would have come together and designed an amendment and pass it through the National Assembly.

https://www.today.ng/sport/football/222 ... iewed-eemi

“Exam Ethics Marshal has tried several times to start a private member’s amendment of that law but we discovered that the process was too expensive for us to handle.

“Exam bodies must come together and be able to do it.’’

Onyechere noted that if perpetrators of exam malpractice were not duly punished, the development of the country would be adversely affected.
According to him, the country is already suffering from the effects of exam malpractice.

He noted that unqualified doctors were killing patients and that buildings collapse due to lapses on the part of engineers.

“The bottom line of what I am saying is this and it’s already happening today; the level, the capacity, the competence of our workforce today is highly questionable.

“Some of them when you get them, you just begin to wonder whether they went to school at all.

“Therefore, what is happening today is that you have medical doctors that are making very fatal and dangerous errors.

“People are dying because of incompetent doctors, because of incompetent nurses; we have buildings that are collapsing on people because the architects, engineers are incompetent.

“It is happening all over; we see it; I am trying to say that the consequence is already catching up with us.

“The question remains who is the next victim of the consequence of exam malpractice?’’

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