"Only In Unillorin" - See What An Angry Unillorin Student Wrote About Her School

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"Only In Unillorin" - See What An Angry Unillorin Student Wrote About Her School

Postby wikinaira » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:20 pm

This is not to bring down my school but only to share with you what media will never tell you about unilorin. If you are a unilorin student or alumni, i’m sure you can add to this in your own way.

• It’s only in unilorin that you will see a prof. telling an undergraduate student to pick dirts.

• It’s only in unilorin students that put on their ID card in Ibadan.

•It’s only in unilorin a department will not produce 2.1 student in 16 years.

•It’s only in unilorin faculty of Engineering and Education is called “FACULTY OF BAD BOYS”.

•It’s only in unilorin you will see students reading for 18hours and annointing PC before,during and after CBT exams.

•It’s only in unilorin your girl friend will report you to the authority and you get instant suspension.

•It’s only in unilorin student eat bread and akara at Kiosk 12 and call it burger.

•Only unilorin denies student from carry out project research and uses lab equipments and apparatus as DECORATION.

• Only in unilorin will you see students serving punishment in front of the class. grin emoticon

• Only in unilorin you will see father and daughters lecturing in the same faculty (science).

•Unilorin has the highest number of student serving extra year in Nigerian.

•Only in unilorin, SUG and faculty presidents are synonymous with extra year.

•Only in unilorin lathe machines were imported without operating manual and has been in work shop for 6 years without any operator.

•Only in unilorin students are being forced to carry their ID cards on their chest. unsure emoticon

•Only in unilorin an engineering SCHOLAR will argue with you that gold is more expensive and less available than diamond that is diamond is cheaper than gold.

•Only in unilorin will you see just One “Bar” meant for Staffs alone.

•Only in unilorin you will see lecturers begging students to CRAM, learning has been crucified and cramming is embraced.

Now, tell me those stuffs that happens in your institution being it college of education, polytechnic, monothecnic or university. ?

http://www.234 forum.com/only-in-unillorin-see-what-an-angry-unillorin-student-wrote-about-her-school/

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