Hillarious Nigerian Slangs Compiled list, Add Your Own

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Hillarious Nigerian Slangs Compiled list, Add Your Own

Postby wikinaira » Wed May 13, 2015 12:40 pm

Kolobi- claim anothers property as yours
Flenjor/flenge- Enjoy
Yawa don gas- Trouble
Kasala don burst- Trouble
Meguski- Fool
I nor send- I don't care
Gawa- Keep moving
Otondo- Mumu (Fool)
Ascari/Eke/Kelebe- Police Man
Chikala/Gboffo/gbeffe- Babe
Yarn- Talk
Mary J/Indo - Marijuana
gay- Cigarette
gism- phone
Kaban/Kabal- House
Kpoms/Ogbongidi/Ashana- Prostitute
Jab/Eshin- Car
Jalopy- Scrap Car
Owambe- Party
Gbedu- Music

jedi jedi - pile
borantashi - aphrodisiac
jazz/juju - charms
Ayangba - loose girl
shalake - panel van
so kin so - coupe
eshin - car
esho - gold
ngige - small stout
odeku - big stout
pako - cabin biscuit
grub - provisions
garium/g - garri
he don sign - he is ready to die anytime
malt - maltina/malta guiness
waka about - aimless walking
ole - thief
ole - lazy person
igbo - marijuana
poundo - pounded yam

jeun soke-chop up
baba God-God

ikebe - backside
lepa - slim woman
urobo - fat-ish woman
Fashi - forget it
Peche - chill out
Amebo - backbiter/rumour-monger also called Gbeborun
Woze - slap
Guck - 1. sleep 2. believe a lie
Gbe ja - run away

Which level- Whats up
Repper/ Kishi- Money
Fabu- Lie
Egunje_ Bribe
I forget my hand for im face- i slapped him
Ijebu/Akanchi- Stingy
Ebano- Original
Ote- Authentic
Fade/Waka/Step- Leave
Rascal- Roughen Up
Gadge- Sharp Clothes
Maga- Rough way of dressing
Set- Looking good
Mugu- Foolish

Kolo - "mad"

sowa? - "how're u?

Aristos - "sugar daddy"

Orobsy - " Fat person"

Lepa shandy - "skinny person"

Efiko - " Very studious"

OverZee - "over ambitious"

Bastifolly - " Very fat"

Bebescout - " Too forward"

Sharp up -" Be smart"

pai - die
No shaking - No problem
Bone-  ignore
wazo/shandi/faiba - 50/20/10naira
Teri si - get into trouble
show/happen - Expecting something from u
Serenren -  rubbish
Fi ohun le - brag/rabble
Oshe -  clog in your wheel
Efizi - effects (show off)
Enuf cowbell - bursty
Sin/shook - f*ck
Runs - try to do things the bad way. (I don't think that's the correct meaning )
Baffs - designer wears
Bakassi/Ikebe - Booty
ITK - All those "overserious" students. ITK stands for I Too Know
Aro - funny person. (peculiar to OAU)
Akata - White man
Jand - UK
Yankee - US
Ajebutter - rich, spoilt kid
Awoof - Free things

Igbo - Carryover
Pali - Certificate/Passport
Aristo - Sugar Daddy
Ayangba/Ashewo/Agarancha - Prostitute
Toosh - nice
Kirikiri - Prison
Amala - Cocaine

bebe n lo - we are still at it.
file bee - Let it be
oka - police
congo - Chick
Aye o pa re/aye pa re ti ---Life goes on

Tata - MetroBus
Eja - Hemp
Jego - In trouble
Behind Up - Change ur wardrobe
Suegbe -
Sugomu - Fool
Lebe - Knife
Ose - Disgrace
Omo Allen - Prostitute
Ojugo - Bespectacled
Yaba Left - Psychiatry
Ope - Dunce
kishi - Cash
Dolapo - Dollars
Fineless - ugly
Basanti - Pretty
JetLi - Brag

omi garri - urine
g4 - garri
surface - garri

paro lo - go on s'oun
maga - oyinbo fraud victims.
ja mi si - introduce me to..
apa - credit card
oja - package
oo mo scores - u don't know what's up.
teri si - take a risk
lari mo - regret it.

Yawa - trouble
yawa don gas- there is trouble
jabo- get down esp from the bus (Danfo)
egbe- novice
esha- worths little or nothing
sofo- nose poker (Not minding your biz)
gbeu dani - silly
lori owo yen - as we were saying, (to code wot you're actually saying before someonelse came in )
irin - gun
oye - Police
oshara - brand new
ebe - money
panasharp - wise up
ti be - forget it
o ti bo ju.you're too much - compliments
esa oke .... psyching - saying good things to get your attention

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