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Yoruba People Won't Kill Me With Stew, Oil & Pepper

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:56 pm
by hunter
I would never understand Yorubas and their love for stew. In the past couple of months, have been having ALL MY MEALS at bukas and Iya Basira's and each time I ask for any meal, they top my food with stew.
Bukas cum Iya Basiras in VI, Surulere, Yaba, Agege, Ikeja, Egbeda and the rest of Lagos are guilty of this! In short it is becoming a matter of state security. 8-O
This afternoon I bought common yam porridge and they has to top it with stew in addition to the excessive the palm oil. It is the same thing with soups and I have suspended eating eba if it is not home cooked.
Vegetable soup, melon, and ewedu soups all come with stew.
An iyabasira once told me its not intentional, that they usually cook meat in stew reason I always see bits of stew in my food even when I buy ice cream from a Yoruba woman!
Like, I have stopped buying meat and they are still serving me meals with stew!

I bought moimoi last week and they poured a generous amount of stew on my innocent moimoi.

I bought Yam and fried egg and stew was poured ontop my yam!

I bought jollof rice, beef and coleslaw and they poured stew on my coleslaw.

Fried rice always comes with stew or excessive oil.

I bought rice, stew and boiled egg and they poured stew on my innocent egg!

Like! Open any Iya Basira's pot and you'll see innocent boiled eggs soaked in stew.
Everything is now starting to taste like stew in my mouth. Funny part is when you ask for the real rice and stew, they are usually very stingy with stew.
I have to keep up with this until I have made enough money to afford KFC and chicken republic everyday!
I. Am. Tired.
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