Colours And Celebration: 5 Breathtaking Festivals From Nigeria

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Colours And Celebration: 5 Breathtaking Festivals From Nigeria

Postby DonJuan » Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:20 am


Nigeria is a multicultural society where traditional
festivals and carnivals are celebrated throughout the
year, making the country a unique destination. Colors,
artistic presentations, singing and dancing collide to
embody the country’s culture in unique adventures.
Here are some of the best festivals in Nigeria:

1. Dubar Festival
Dubar festival is a breathtaking traditional parade where
various horsemen from different sections of the Katsina
emirate gather to display horsemanship and honor the
Emir, who leads the ceremony. Originally this colorful
tradition was the horsemen’s way to prove to the Emir
their readiness for war, and has now become a yearly
colorful show to mark the end of the holy month of

2. Eyo Festival
Celebrated in Lagos Island, Eyo Festival is one of the most
unique festivals in Nigeria that attracts a big number of
tourists. Dressed in white robes that cover all their
bodies, participants pay respect to the reigning Oba of
Lagos over a period of 24 days.

3. Calabar Festival
A stunning event that features dancers in colorful
costumes and loud music, the Calabar Festival is held all
along the major streets in the state capital. Amazing
performances and parades take place to celebrate
creativity and different cultures, making it the biggest
street party in Africa.

4. Argungu Fishing Festival
Argungu Fishing festival is a competition between
fishermen to see who can catch the biggest fish. Held in
Kebbi and Sokoto state, the event lasts four days and
features dancing and music, water sports, wrestling
contests, swimming, diving, and various other fun

5. New Yam Festival
New Yam is a popular annual festival held in Igbo land to
celebrate the beginning of the harvest season. It is a
unique cultural experience where people make sacrifices
and thank their gods. Masquerades, dances and activities
accompany the ceremony to make it colorful and bright.

These 5 are among the numerous great and colorful
festivals celebrated in Nigeria that are worth attending to
experience a different kind of ceremonies.


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