Ojude-Oba festival Holds On Wednesday September 14, 2016

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Ojude-Oba festival Holds On Wednesday September 14, 2016

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Ojude-Oba festival Holds On Wednesday September 14, 2016

Historical Description : The Ojude Oba ( which in Ijebu dialect means, the king’ s fore - court or frontage ) is a major in Nigeria that began over 100 years ago. It brings together all sons and daughters of Ijebuland in Nigeria and diaspora for a carnival -like celebration of the traditional , cultural , spiritual accomplishments and other values of the Ijebu nation.

For those who still can’t catch the drift lets quickly tell you about this glamorous annual festival that attracts over 10,000 Ijebus and their families. Ojude-Oba in its present form dates back to the Imagbon War with the British in (1892) the later part of the nineteenth century. The intrusion of foreign influence into Ijebuland resulted in social, cultural and religious mix which formed the basis of the spectacle.

The historical antecedent is the annual outings of the Age-Grades (Regberegbe). It is a special occasion when they show off their mettle to the critical appraisal of the society.

They dance round the town and pay homage to the Awujale at the palace. For example, there was the Ajulo outing by the Obafowora Age-Group which had among its membership prominent personalities like Chief T.A. Odutola, the late Ogbeni-Oja of Ijebuland, Alhaji Adesoye Onasanya, the then Balogun of Ijebu-Ode, Pa. Mustapha Are, Dugbe of Idepo Dawodu etc. Pa. A.G. Ijale was their Baba Egbe (Grand Patron). After conversion to Islam, many influential Muslims went to the praying ground on horse-backs. Reacting to the Imagbon defeat, many influential youth within the community used Islam as a weapon of resistance.

They appointed Balogun for the Muslims among them to counter the influence of the Balogun appointed by the colonialists.

The first of such Muslim Balogun (war commander) was Balogun Salami Amoke-Oja, a child of the reigned Ijebu, General Balogun Onafowokan-Otubu who was the last fighting general of overall Ijebu Armed Forces. His command permeated the Ijebu Kingdom including Remo....


If you are seeking to party, have fun and also want to explore in this Eid El Kabir festival, then Ijebu-Ode, Ogun, South-West, Nigeria is the place to visit for the Ojude-Oba festival. The Ojude-Oba festival is a grand, glamorous and colourful festival celebrated with extreme pomp and pageantry.

The town is literally shut down, hotels in Ijebu-Ode are fully booked and there is so much to eat and drink.

For the people of IJebu-Ode, who are notorious for their insatiable love of parties, it is a day of the year they anticipate as it offers them the opportunity to celebrate their heritage and have a once in a year meeting with family and friends.

It started as a religious Festival Long before the Ojude-Oba festival became an all-encompassing gig, it was a small gathering of adherents and followers of the Islamic religion. Today, however, the festival has transcended religious lines and attracts people of all faiths as well as tourists from within and outside Nigeria.
Usually held on the third day of Eld.

The two days before the Ojude-Oba festival is for Muslims to savour and enjoy the Eid with their families, friends, and well-wishers. On the third day, Muslims, Christians, dignitaries, tourists and even visitors, troop to the Oba Sikiru Adetona Golden Jubilee Centre to witness and experience the glamour of the festival. It is a spectacle you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself in Ijebu-Ode.

Extravagant display of culture and heritage
The aim of the Ojude-Oba is to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the people of Ijebu-ode. This is showcased via resplendent traditional attires, deft hairstyles, cuisine (ifokore) and the reenactment of rare cultural dances which can only be watched at a festival of such magnitude.

Homage is paid to the paramount
The 100-year-old festival welcomes over 45,000 visitors amidst heavy, singing, dancing and drumming also pay homage to the paramount ruler of Ijebu-land, HRH Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, Ogbagba 11. Again the age-grades and the Oba’s subjects take turns to pay homage to the Awujale of Ijebu-land by presenting different foodstuffs and other items.

It features horse-riding, gunshots, and dance competitions

Horse-riding among the various horse riding families and male/female dance groups are the two things you shouldn’t miss during the festival.
The different horse riding families dress their horses and exhibit their horse-riding skill to the admiration of spectators. Meanwhile, for the dance competition, men and women belonging to different age-groups called regberegbe will display their dancing prowess. The best-dressed regberegbe and horse-riding family will be rewarded with cash prizes. During the celebrations, there are intermittent gunshots


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