10 Worst Things That Can Happen On Your Wedding.

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10 Worst Things That Can Happen On Your Wedding.

Postby hunter » Fri May 20, 2016 3:29 am

1. Cake Falls Over.

Imagine the #50,000 cake you just tumbling down as you sit there at the reception before the cut.

2. After paying the caterer over #300,000 for her service and she didn't show up till 4:00pm.

Guest have been licking TomTom and Buttermint.

3. Photographer Forgets The Camera Battery.

"Paying a company to videotape the wedding and reception and finding out that he forgot to charge battery. And didn't cover it til the end."

4. Forgetting The Ring.

An hour late already because her hair wasn't done, then they lost ring bearer's left shoe. finally getting to church there to find out that the maid of honor forgot the ring

5. Groom showing up almost 3 hours late.

Ladies, can you survive the 3 hours with his moblie not reachable

6. When pastor asked the church the question why they should not be joined together and someone raised his hand.

7. Bad Weather/Pouring rain.

Imagine that day with a non-stop down pour, 6am - 6pm.

8. Technical issue at the Reception.

Everything was working before the arrival of the couple. But the moment they were set to train in, something happened. It could be from the DJ/Musician, generating set, amp, Mixer, and so on.
No music, they clapped and used tambourine throughout.

9. Maid of Honour/Bride's Maids, Best Man/Groom's Men Decides they quit.

Imaging getting a text in the morning of the wedding day from them that they wont be able to make it.

10. Uninvited Guests.

They dont know the way to church but easily find their way to the reception.
Food and drinks wont go round because of them with lots of real guests without seat, standing.

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