Teenage Couple Commit Suicide, 2 Days Apart

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Teenage Couple Commit Suicide, 2 Days Apart

Postby hunter » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:41 am


A tragic story about a teenage couple from Ohio committing suicide just days apart has gone viral on Facebook. According to online reports, 18-year-old Mercedes Shaday Smith took her own life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday (Apr. 20).

Her boyfriend, Markeice “Mari” Brown ended his life on Saturday (Apr. 22). Apparently, Smith’s friends believed that Brown contributed to his girlfriend’s suicide and they harassed/bullied him online, which, along with the grief of losing his girlfriend, drove him to commit suicide just days later.
The Ohio native, who was also a member of the LWC track and field team, was said by her coach Jamaine Gordon to be a “good-spirited person who showed promise in her future.” .

Mercedes’ boyfriend Markeice “Mari” Brown posted a note and posted a tearful goodbye video on Facebook Live before killing himself. According to Markeice’s goodbye/suicide note, Mercedes was pregnant at the time of her death, and they always planned to “go out together.” .

At the end of his post, he wrote that her family wouldn’t allow him to go to her funeral, so he made the decision to “go see her” himself.

Today I lost my wife I should say I lost my life, can’t put in words how i feel, we just talked last night why you ain’t tell me? Even tho we knew we ain’t have nobody we knew we had eachother, you was really a reflection of me you knew how I felt knew when I was feeling and you though it was crazy how I knew something was wrong even when you would fake a smile , it feel like my life just ended it we just talked Tho why you ain’t say nothing man why???? Why bra whyyyyy ???? You was so special to me you meant so much to me you showed me a lot but most importantly you loved me for me not what I brought to the the table first day we met we talked for almost 6 hours straight in the car as if we known Eachother forever I knew yo Likes dislikes goals everything about you I knew I’m just lost more lost than ever Y’all saying this’ll get better man stfu I ain’t Tryna here that y’all don’t know this feeling a mf you talk to shared countless memories with is gone forever a mf you talked to all day everyday about any and everything a mf you didn’t go a day without saying you loved , man we use to get so sad Cus we couldn’t see Eachother you remember puddin? I seen you two weeks ago it’s just like I brought so much joy to yo day you couldn’t stop crying when you hadda to leave you kept Sayin “this ain’t fair” man no this ain’t fair….. I never cried this hard and long in my life you had my whole heart not a piece of it we was soul mates you was my soul my heart the reason i woke up every morning first person I talk to Ina morning and the last a night ……so how tf y’all expect me to be “ALRIGHT” ?????!!!!!???!!!!
Another Post

This is to everybody that knew me that shared love for me this is to the ones who deeply cared for me yea some might say I took the easy way out but who’s to say I wanted to live this life in the first place Y’all say I’m selfish but other than my sisters and a few of my brother who checked on me ? Who asked was I straight? Y’all just asked for shit but when I asked in return it was I ain’t got it or you know you got it. But I let it slide my loyalty was different. Mercedes loved Markeice for Markeice not the cars the money nothing. Everybody told mercedes the same thing like no or some bs that’s why I did everything I did for her so she wouldn’t have to ask any one but she needed love from her friends family not just me I can’t do it all but I tried lord knows I mean all y’all know if she wanted anything materialistic just somebody there anything I had her. I’ve been through the most messed up situations imaginable I just lost my girlfriend and my kid she thought everyone was going to bash her like her Friends did that baby brought us so much joy she told me she was pregnant on my birthday I was happy but I also was lost for words mercedes asked countless ppl for help that’s why i tried to be the best boyfriend ever I messed up once and took someone on a date but that’s all i did I apologized about and I did whatever I had to do to make it up mercedes had my passwords fingerprint on my phone Allat I was very open with her , but we always told Eachother how we hated life and everything in it but I always talked her out of it well we would always say we was going out together so that’s where I’m headed Life ain’t about the toughest soldiers god has the story written already stick to the script Y’all know how I felt about that girl read our messages that was my Bestfriend my baby and that was no doubts or Maybes it’s plenty fish in the ocean but you always kept my mind open I love my baby dearly so we Finna see Eachother again I love all the ppl that know i fwy but I still Fw everybody y’all know
Ain’t no Rip It’s “Stay saucin in paradise” or “fly high fly guy” or long live no rip Cus I Ain’t at peace I’m just finally happy free My Brothas I love my brothas Slime Nem yall know y’all already know what it is fa sis Nem hold that shit down don’t let it hold you up they won’t let me come to the funeral so Ima go see her myself #SLAAAATTTTTT

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Inexpensive Human Hair Wigs For Dark-colored Women

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Low cost Human Hair Hair pieces Pertaining to Dark-colored Ladies

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Cheap Natural splendor Hair pieces With regard to African american Females

Postby Matthewhom » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:18 pm

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String Access Wigs Or Extensive Fall on Wigs

Postby DavidJoche » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:47 am

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Mature galleries

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